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The Free-Market Justification for a Green Economy

The Hoover Institution has provided an enlightening interview with T.J. Rodgers.  In this interview Rodgers provides free-market rationale for a cap and trade system and renewable energy.  Rodgers also criticizes approaches put forth by Al Gore as possibly destructive to business investment.

T.J. Rodgers is a noted entrepreneur and inventor.  Rodgers started such companies as Cypress Semiconductor, Inc. and invented the VMOS process technology.   T.J. Rodgers is a proponent of laissez-faire and meritocracy in corporate governance.


Power Shift 2009

The young people are marching, but this time for green technology.  Yesterday in Washington D.C. 12,000 young people ended their four day conference protesting current U.S. policies on energy and climate change and urging a new way forward.  The event was created by Power Shift 2009. Powershift 2009 is a grassroots organization that is demanding the government stand up to powerful lobbies destroying the environment while investing in science and green jobs.

Find below Senator Ken Salazar's keynote address at the event.


Gov. Schwarzenegger Delivers Remarks at CeBIT 2009 Opening Ceremony

Gov. Schwarzenegger delivers opening remarks at the CeBit 2009 today in Hanover, Germany.  His comments at the international trade show focused in part on the use of technology to create the next wave of green inventions.

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