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Take the Lose the Plastic Pledge -- A Guest Blog Post by Lacey Lybecker

Today we have a guest blog post by Lacey Lybecker of A Greener Kitchen.  Lacey previously wrote for us with her excellent blog post 7 Tips for a Greener Kitchen back in February.  This blog post is about the Lose the Plastic Campaign.  Enjoy!!!


Take the Lose the Plastic Pledge

lose the bag campaign
100% organic cotton produce bags replace plastic and help save the earth with 1% of profits going towards your earth charity of choice.

Green grocery shoppers and farmers market goers rejoice! A Greener Kitchen introduces reusable produce bags made with 100% organic cotton now available for purchase online at Eco-friendly and easy to use, these reusable bags are on a mission to eliminate plastic produce bags in the marketplace and give back to the earth.... read more

The Environmental Business Cluster Casino Night Fundraiser Connects California Green Businesses

Casino Night

On May 12, 2011, cleantechnology “green” business professionals from around California's Silicon Valley gathered together for an evening of entertainment, food, and gambling! “Baby needs a new pair of shoes!” - While this phrase was exclaimed more than once in the evening, we all knew the new pair of shoes was more than a material want; it was a community desire to support growth in the cleantech industry as a whole.... read more

CleanTech Business: Environmental Business Cluster, Casino Night 2011

Join KeenForGreen at a night of fun in support of greentech, cleantech start-up businesses! The Environmental Business Cluster (EBC), a non-profit, cleantech business “incubator” in San Jose California hosts their annual Casino Night Fundraiser on May 12, 2011 in the heart of Silicon Valley. KeenForGreen readers receive a 30% discount by registering here!... read more

Giveaway: $15 Gift Certificate to!

Win a $15 gift certificate to!  

Thanks Mama sells all sorts of merchandise for the green baby: cloth diapers, baby carriers, bibs, toys, eco-friendly baby care products, reusable feminine care, baby bedding, and more.  The winner will be able to use their gift certificate towards any of those purchases!  ... read more

Online Marketing Services for Clean Technology & Environmental Sustainability Companies

At KeenForGreen our Mission is to bring information related to Environmental Sustainability into community discussions through the use of grass-roots social media.  We have managed to make this mission a reality through a strong social media presence and by driving traffic to our website via advanced Online Marketing techniques.  ... read more

The Like For Square Feet Campaign at Chipkos!

chipkos shoesStarting tomorrow (Earth Day!) Chipkos, maker of eco-friendly footwear, is starting a campaign called Like for Square feet.  For every new Facebook "LIKE" that they receive, Chipkos will adopt one square foot of the rain forest.... read more

What is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC)?


SREC Market

Solar Renewable Energy Credits/Certificates (SRECs/ S-RECs) aka Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) aka “Green Tags” create an open market for individuals to sell the rights to the energy produced by their small-medium scale solar system.... read more

Spreadshirt is now offering organic products

spreadshirt organic

Just in time for Earth Day, Spreadshirt, a website where you can design your own t-shirts, has started to offer organic products. You can custom design an organic t-shirt, bib, and more.... read more

DIY Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Installing solar panels seems like a great idea, but finding that spare $30k can be rough. Solar Thermal Water Heaters are a great alternative to installing a full photovoltaic solar panel system.

These water heaters will help greatly reduce your energy use. They are much smaller than a PV system, making them much cheaper. Also, converting the sun's energy into heat is much simpler than turning it into electricity. To have a solar thermal water heater installed, you will likely spend about $.... read more

Chatting with a Whole Foods Eco Czar

whole foods newtonville ma

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk to Lee Kane, the Eco Czar for Whole Foods Market's North Atlantic Region.  I learned all about the various green initiatives going on at Whole Foods and how hard they work to be a truly sustainable grocery store.  

What does an Eco Czar do?

"Anything that has to do with the environment falls under my umbrella," explained Lee.   The Eco Czar also supervises the Green Team for individual stores.

Four regions have Eco Czars.   Lee was the first Whole Foods Market Eco Czar, which he has been since 2003.  

Green initiatives at Whole Foods Market 

Waste reduction is a huge one.  "We work very hard to get to zero waste," Lee told me.   They currently divert 80% of their waste by composting and recycling.   Additionally, they work to use as much sustainable and responsible packaging as possible.  For instance, the salad bar containers are made of bulrush, a renewable resource harvested annually in the wild. ... read more

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