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Upcycling Candy Wrappers

Does that picture look like a familiar scene to anybody else?  Trick or treating was awesome, but now we've got all these little pieces of candy...and little wrappers, too.  So wasteful!  It's time to think of some ways to upcycle those wrappers.

- Stuck with a lot of Starbursts and feeling crafty?  Make a bracelet from Starburst wrappers!  ... read more

Downsize Your Garbage Can

Here's a painless way to reduce one of your monthly bills and encourage a less waste-producing lifestyle: downsize your garbage can. 

A couple years ago our city introduced three sizes of garbage cans, with corresponding reduced prices.  The first is the standard size that we're all used to: 68 gallons.  When we were using disposable diapers for our daughter (I know, I know, so-not-green!), we needed this full-sized can, so we had to pay full price on our garbage bill ($55.84/month).  But once she was potty trained, we noticed we were only filling the can 1/2 way each week. ... read more

National Costume Swap Day: 10/8/11

When I was a kid, my mom would always get me those cheap, flimsy Halloween costumes.  You know the kind -- the plastic smock, a plastic mask with a rubber band.  They'd usually fall apart halfway through trick-or-treating and when the grown-ups would ask, "What are you dressed up as?" I'd have to explain that I was dressed as Barbie...until my mask broke.  I don't even think they make those kinds of costumes anymore, and thank goodness for that, because what a WASTE.  All that difficult to recycle plastic, inhaling PVC with that mask on, and only to be thrown out after just a few hours of use.  ... read more

Lunchopolis Giveaway!

Say good-bye to brown-bagged lunches, Ziplocs, and other single-use lunchtime products and get on board with the Lunchopolis!   The Lunchopolis contains an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, and 4 snack/sandwich containers. 


Win a Lunchopolis!

Here are the giveaway rules:

1)  "LIKE" Keen for Green on Facebook.  

2)  "LIKE" New Wave Enviro on Facebook.  

3) Comment on New Wave Enviro's FB page telling them what your favorite product is on their website.    Go to New Wave Enviro's website to see their products.  

4)  Email [email protected] to let us know that you've become a fan of both and commented on New Wave's FB page.  ... read more

From Bottles to Backpacks!

Askok and TristinAskok and TristinTristin and Tyler have met some amazing upcyclers and recyclers while going on their fun NYC adventures, and meeting Ashok Kamal of the company Bennu was no exception! In the next episode of "Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City!" the boys meet one of the owners of a cool NYC company taking huge strides in the fight for green! 

... read more

Recycling Markers and Pens

recycling pensLast week, I wrote about different ways to reuse and recycle crayons.   It got me thinking about pens and magic markers and how they might be a little more difficult to reuse and recycle.

According to Green Eco Services, over 10 billion non-biodegradable pens are sent to landfills every year.  Wow.   It's time to reduce that number and think about some greener solutions and easy ways to reuse and recycle markers and pens.  ... read more

Recycling Crayons: Recipes for Melting & Reusing Crayons

recycling crayons

If anyone out there has a toddler, that photo of broken crayons probably looks familiar to you.  Right now, my 21 month old doesn't mind coloring with broken crayons, but their lifespans are definitely shortened.  There are many simple recipes for melting and reusing your cryon stubs.

Back when I was a Girl Scout, we used to do a lot of eco-friendly crafts.  One that stuck out in my mind was making candles out of broken crayons.  We used little milk cartons as molds and melted old crayons.  I found a crayon candle recipe here.   It was a fun art project and we all wound up with crayons to take home.... read more

Reminder: Kids Konserve Giveaway!

Win a reusable lunch sack from Kids Konserve filled with coupons from Annie's HomegrownStonyfield YoKids, and Seventh Generation!  The giveaway ends on August 17, so enter today!  

Enter the giveaway here. 

... read more

Umbrellas into Dresses? OH MY!

Catherine, Tristin & TylerCatherine, Tristin & TylerCould you turn a broken umbrella into something fabulous? I absolutely, positively cannot but Tristin and Tyler met someone who TOTALLY CAN! ... read more

In the next episode of "Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City!" you will meet Catherine, owner of Himane.  She takes used umbrellas from the streets of New York and works magic on them to create fabulous dresses, purses and tons of other accessories.  She also finds fabrics that have been (or are about to be) discarded from factories for her designs.  She is truly an upcycling/recycling queen and we were so glad to learn a thing or two from her.

Giveaway: A Free Kids Konserve Lunch Sack & Coupons!

Win a free reusable lunch sack from Kids Konserve filled with coupons from Annie's Homegrown,  Stonyfield YoKids, and Seventh Generation.

Keen For Green is giving away 5 of these coupon-filled lunch sacks!  

How to win one:

1)  "LIKE" Keen For Green on Facebook.*

2)  Leave a comment here on THIS post let let us know you're a fan of Keen For Green on Facebook.  Also, let us know what are some of your favorite things to pack for lunch!  (For either you or your kids!)  Be sure to either comment with your Facebook account or leave your email address!

*If you're not on Facebook, just comment on this post to tell us what your favorite things are to pack for lunch.... read more

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