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Tristin and Tyler UPCYCLE!

Tiffany, Tristin and TylerTiffany, Tristin and Tyler

In this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! the boys meet Tiffany Threadgould of Replayground! Tiffany upcycles trash into all sorts of cool items! In this episode, be sure to catch Tiffany's headband made from a plastic bag, or her belt made from soda can tops.... read more

Upcycling is so fun! For those of you who don't know what upcycling is, it's the process of repurposing trash or other items that may be thrown away, and turning it into something that will have a greater or brand new purpose! If you turn a blanket into curtains, that's upcycling too, it doesn't have to be trash that's being repurposed.  Upcycling is a great process because it keeps trash out of the landfils and gives it a new life!

ecoSAFE's Disposable Diaper Analysis

The wonderful bloggers over at ecoSAFE conducted a variety of tests on greener disposable diapers.  I urge you to check out their diaper analysis.  A few months back, I did some pro/cons on greener disposable diapers.   I've reviewed a handful of disposable diapers, but I never did any of the extensive testing that ecoSAFE did.

For the tests, they shredded them, flooded them, tore them apart, and had the babies wear them and do their thing.  

You might be surprised to see how some of the diapers stacked up and how green even the diapers really are.  ... read more

a reGeneration by Leave It Better

I love Leave It Better and all of their videos!  Leave It Better is currently working on a documentary called a reGeneration.  In the documentary, children are provided with gardening supplies and cameras, and they share their stories about learning to compost, plant seeds, garden, and harvest the food that they've grown on their own.  So far, for the 2010-11 school year, they've worked with 10 NYC schools.  

I wanted to share this adorable video featuring cute kids discussing their worm composting efforts at PS 306 in the Bronx.  ... read more

Giveaway: $15 Gift Certificate to!

Win a $15 gift certificate to!  

Thanks Mama sells all sorts of merchandise for the green baby: cloth diapers, baby carriers, bibs, toys, eco-friendly baby care products, reusable feminine care, baby bedding, and more.  The winner will be able to use their gift certificate towards any of those purchases!  ... read more

A Greener Prom

'Tis the season for poofy dresses, corsages, and limos.  If you're a teen or the parent of a teen hoping to help reduce the impact of going to prom, here are some tips to help!... read more

  • The Dress:  While it's nice to buy a dress by an eco-friendly fashion line, it's not always economically feasible for the average teenager.  If you want to save some money, consider buying vintage.  You can find lots of really cool dresses that way for a low price...and it lowers your carbon footprint!
  • The Corsage and Boutonniere:  Find a florist who uses locally grown and/or organic flowers.  

Tristin and Tyler's GREEN TOONZ!

YAY! It's EARTH WEEK and almost EARTH DAY!

Tristin and Tyler: Earth Lovers!: Tristin and TylerTristin and Tyler: Earth Lovers!: Tristin and Tyler

In honor of our fabulous Earth, me and my twin brother have gotten animated! YUP! Animated!  JC Little of Little Animation turned us into little animated EARTH HUGGERS for Earth Day!

Please check out our first ever animated short about UPCYCLING!  It's really fun because it invites kids to use their imagination when upcycling or reusing materials! Truly, anything is possible, especially when your goal is saving the EARTH!


Tristin and Tyler

Tristin and Tyler Donate Denim! Yup, your kiddies can too!

Editor's Note:  We're pleased to present the first Tristin and Tyler post on Keen for Green.  We're lucky to have them -- and stay tuned for more Tristin and Tyler!  -- Krissy


We are sooooo excited to join the KEEN FOR GREEN family and share fun-filled, super GREEN episodes of our series "Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City!" with you!

We love to meet people all over New York City who are doing their part to help this BIG world of ours stay green and clean! Trying to go GREEN with kiddies isn't easy, so we take adventures around the city to show kids and their caregivers ways they can help the environment too!  We also show people going green in ways that you'd never think possible! So sit back, watch an episode and then go out and do the same activity with your favorite kiddies!... read more

Environmental Literacy in Schools – the California Regional Environmental Education Community


Environmental Literacy California

Many children today grow up hearing terms like “green” and “sustainability” without understanding the relevancy to their lives and future. Educational programs promoting environmental literacy in school children are incredibly important for the future of our planet – our children need a keen understanding of the importance of environmental responsibility in order to lead the future of the sustainability movement.... read more

5 Eco-Themed Sesame Street Sketches

Sesame Street was always way ahead of its time.  There are many kids shows today with episodes that have environmental messages, but Sesame Street's been doing this for as long as I can remember.   Jim Henson once said, "I've always been in awe of the incredible beauty of every last bit of nature."  It often showed in his work.

Let's get in touch with our inner child today, and enjoy 5 environmentally themed Sesame Street sketches!... read more

Guest Blog Post: Earth Day 2011

kids konserve

Today I am excited to share a guest blog post by Christy Aune from Kids Konserve, a company that makes waste-free lunch products.  Thanks, Christy, for a great piece about the importance of saving the planet by reducing waste.


Kids Konserve Eco-Resolutions for 2011 was about adopting the 5th 'R' – REMEMBER - into our daily life.  I would like to ask if you are writing a piece for Earth Day to REMEMBER Kids Konserve.  Earth Day is April 22, 2011.  Each year on this day thousands of people celebrate the Earth and what it means not only to them, but to the human race as a whole. Others use this day to bring the public’s attention to Earth and the effects our lifestyle is having on the planet. This day is a great day to spend time with your children and teach them more about the environment around them.  Our children are the leaders of the future. It is important that they learn the importance of the environment now, instead of waiting until they have grown.  ( read more

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