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Greening Skiing

A Skier at Stowe Mountain ResortA Skier at Stowe Mountain ResortWith the ski/snowboarding season in full swing and a fresh load of snow recently dumped on the northeast, many skiers and riders are already making the most of the great conditions. Unfortunately, however healthy the sport is for its enthusiasts, it creates an substantial environmental footprint.... read more

5 Ways to Save Green by Going Green

Non-renewable energy comes at a price. The more of it you use, the more you’re going to pay. In the same way, our consumption of these energy resources comes at a price to our local, regional and global ecosystem – and its cost might be higher than we were ever willing to pay.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a commonly held misconception that it’s infeasible to offset our individual costs and those on the environment. Well, I’m here to tell you that this it’s totally feasible, and anybody can save green by going green.

You just have to do a little bit of homework before you get started.

Research, Research and More Research

What you’re trying to accomplish is a systemic switch in which type of energy you use, and how much you’ll be consuming. This is going to be a great deal more extensive than just changing out lightbulbs, so it’s going to require a good bit of research on your part.

Here are just a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself to give you a starting point:

  • Where do you live? You need to determine your region’s climate and how your energy is commonly supplied in your local area.
  • What is your living situation like? Do you rent or own? What are you currently using for energy utilities?
  • What is your current budget for the project? Think of this switch as more of an investment than an overhead cost.
  • What can you do (rather what do you want to do)? Some changes might not be possible, given your living situation, due to space or legal issues.


... read more

Corporations That Care About Social Issues [Infographic]

 While for-profit businesses aren't always known for their generosity, there are still in fact dozens of U.S. companies that reach into their deep pockects and give money to help make a difference for some of society's most vulnerable populations and to create a positive change in today's deteriorating environment. Take a look at which copanies give the most and have the biggest impact on alarming social issues. ... read more

Environmental Career Paths

Many households and companies have incorporated environmentally friendly habits into their daily routines. Helping the environment during family time is a wonderful choice, but for a number of individuals, there is a desire to do more.

Are you one of those committed people ready to turn your passion for green living into a full time job?  If so, there is a growing list of environmental career options available to help you reach your goal of landing a rewarding “green job.”

From agricultural engineer and geoscientist to urban planner and landscape architect, there is sure to be a career path that’s the perfect fit for your interests, skills and educational background.

Here are some of the possible career paths.

Federal government. In the public sector, a number of government agencies offer promising green career options: The Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Peace Corps, Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation and Soil Conservation Service represent a sampling of agencies that may be the right fit for you. Government job titles may include environmental engineer or biofuel engineer, or you may find work with the military as a nonmilitary consultant.... read more

Green Kid Crafts Giveaway!

We are pleased to be parterning with Green Kid Crafts for a fantastic giveaway!  Earlier this week, I reviewed Green Kid Crafts - and loved it!  Now here is your chance to win a box filled with eco-friendly craft materials for you and your kids to enjoy.  Here's how to enter:... read more

Presidio Graduate School Sustainable MBA Faculty Interview: Audrey Davenport

Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA is home to one of the best MBA programs in Sustainability. We are excited to have our first guest blog post from Stephen Boni at PGS, an interview with Prof. Audrey Davenport. ... read more

Eco-Friendly Shoes: Colourful Grass Footwear

I just wanted to spread the word about a brand of eco-friendly shoes that I recently came across.  

Based in Canada, The Colourful Grass Shoe Company uses green and vegan materials, including hemp, organic cotton, recycled rubber, and coconut shell buttons.  The workers who make the shoes are ethically treated and the company is committed to keeping their carbon footprint low.  ... read more

Presidio Graduate School Masters in Public Administration: My MPA visit

Presidio MPA review

A few years back I wrote an article about the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA/MPA program.  I was recently invited to spend a day at Presidio (located in San Francisco, CA) to learn more about the university, students, faculty, and curriculum.  As mentioned in my first article, Presidio tops most lists of “Green” or “Sustainable” Graduate programs, and I was honored to sit in on the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Integrative Capstone class two weeks ago.... read more

Keen For Green on the Bag The Box blog!

bag the box - malt o meal  

Check out my blog post over at Bag The Box:  10 Simple Ways to Green Your Kitchen.  And while you're over there, learn more about the Bag The Box campaign from Malt-O-Meal!  

Get a discount on EO Products lotion and soap in honor of Non-GMO Month!

October is non-GMO month - and did you know that the skin absorbs 60% of what is applied to it?  If you're concerned about GMOs, now is a good time to switch to organic and non-GMO beauty and body products because our friends at EO Products are offering 50 PERCENT OFF EO Product’s non-GMO certified liquid hand soap and body lotion.  That is an awesome deal!    You will love their soaps and lotions...they smell good, they don't dry out your hands, and they're GMO-free.  They're also free of Triclosan, parabens, and other nasty chemicals!

EO Products is also generously offering a soap and lotion (both GMO-free!) giveaway which we will be running after our current EO Products giveaway ends.  Enter here to win foaming hand soap and lip balm!  ... read more

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