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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Go Green for the Planet

Our planet is everyone’s responsibility. It’s not just of the scientists, the environmentalists, or the enthusiasts and activists. Apparently, the planet is in dire need of our help. Some people would think that reaching out to the environment is a hard slog, a task only the experts could do. But little did they know that even in some little ways, we can help.... read more

Eco-friendly Items For Every Room in the House

Aside from recycling and reducing your food waste, you can also help the environment by installing the right appliances around your home. Not only do they save mother Earth, they actually save you real money! Here are some ideas for every room inside your house.... read more

Why Is It Important To Recycle Your Electronics?

Electronics are constantly developing in technology and are becoming increasingly replaceable as new models become available on the market. For example, mobile technology has taken enormous advances even in the last five years! The idea of accessing so much content on-the-go was unthought-of and although this technology is incredibly useful to us; it always has a dramatic effect on the environment and the world we live in. Statistics show that over 2 million tons of unused electronic devices are disposed of each year and approximately 128 million phones are discarded every year. By recycling your unused equipment you are keeping the toxins out of landfill and this benefits the environment. 

First and most importantly it is essential that you delete everything that is on your electronic device. Laptops or PC’s can easily store bank details so it is vital that you wipe your hard drive.  Batteries can be handed into local PC hardware stores and placed into special battery bins. ... read more

Cool Recycled Home Decors Made from Apple Computers

In present times, where technology seems to have the ability to deliver and offer everything a man can wish for, computers and gadgets can be found everywhere. Especially computers, from offices, cafes, malls, these peripheral devices can be found even at your home. But what do you exactly do when your computer become obsolete, outdated, or all of a sudden, broke down.

Well, some creative minds offered the following ideas on turning their Apple iMac computers to cool and uncanny house decorations:

iMac Aquarium – is computer-aquarium made by detaching the electrical component inside an iMac monitor including the cathode-ray tube and replacing it with a custom-made aquarium. The idea came from a professional photographer named Jake Harms from Nebraska, United States. He admitted that it took him a great deal of time to create a perfect curved shape similar to the iMac’s cathode ray tube. Presently, he sells iMac Aquarium online for $250 each, available in colors red, blue, aqua and white.

Crunching G4 Table – is a geeky-chic table made of two iMac G4 CPUs. Mike Elgan of, described the Crunching G4 Table as, “a coffee table made with Macintosh G4s. The machine itself is obsolete. But the product is too beautiful to destroy or discard. Repurposing it into furniture lets us remember it.” It is available for the price of $600 at read more

The Best Green iPhone Apps in the Market

Last September 21, the newest addition of the iPhone series was introduced to the public, the iPhone 5s and upon reaching a million dollar sales within three days prior to its release, Apple had once proven that the iPhone craze is still strong and that they are not threatened of the hundred smartphones developed by their competitors.

iPhone became very popular because of its mobile applications, programs that are similar to those installed in desktop computers. And this doesn’t exempt programs that focus on the environment’s welfare. Yes, I’m talking about the green iPhone apps out there in the market. And for today’s article, I’m going to give you the top five green mobile apps for your iPhone.... read more

Is a Solar-Powered Backpack Right For You?

These days, it seems like there's one "eco-friendly" gimmick after the other hitting the market, promising to decrease consumers' carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. One of the latest innovations promising to deliver results is the Voltaic Solar Backpack.  But is this new product right for you? Read on to learn about some of its features and decide if it meets you individual needs.

Charging Power

The bag contains two removable 2.0 solar watt panels that combine to provide 4 watts of green energy. Claiming that 4-5 hours in the sunlight is enough to charge the average smartphone, this bag can mean revolutionary changes to our old approach to energy and electricity. It also possesses a USB battery that can be charged either via the sun or, if need be, a power cable. The battery allows for long-term energy storage to allow for easy use whenever, wherever. It could definitely come in handy for the student on the go.... read more

Exporting Computers

Most people are against exporting old computers to other countries, especially developing countries. There are plenty of organizations and people out there that are whole-heartedly against the idea of sending our old computers out of the country.

Exporting computers to developing countries isn’t always a bad thing. Sending our trash to them so they can just dump it in a landfill is obviously bad. Sending them useable machines to re-use doesn’t seem like a horrible idea.... read more

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Rating

energy star most efficientWe're all familiar with Energy Star at this point.  Anytime you go to the store to buy an appliance or electronic, you see plenty of products boasting their Energy Star certification.  

A few months ago, Energy Star developed criteria for "highly efficient products" to be labeled Energy Star Most Efficient.  The Most Efficient label will apply to Energy Star washing machines, heating equipment, cooling equipment, televisions, and refrigerators. This is a pilot program operating until the end of 2011.  There is a possibility that the EPA will add more categories of appliances by the end of the year.  ... read more

Reducing eWaste

Based on recent EPA estimates, over one billion cell phones are sitting around houses nationwide, unused.  Most will probably be thrown in the trash and end up in landfills, instead of being reused or recycled.

Back in May, the United Nations Environment Programme put out a report on recycling metals.   It concluded that less than one-third of 60 metals studied have an  end-of-life recycling rate above 50% and 34 are under 1%.  The UN recommended boost waste management in developing economies and cease keeping old cell phones and other antiquated electronics lying around the house.   Read the report here.... read more

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