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Independent Study Finds San Francisco the Greenest City in the US

San Francisco Greenest City

An independent study conducted in June found San Francisco to be the “greenest” city in the United States and Canada. This doesn't come as much of a surprise – the city has made headlines for leading the way with policies such as mandatory composting and a grocery store plastic bag ban.... read more

Reducing eWaste

Based on recent EPA estimates, over one billion cell phones are sitting around houses nationwide, unused.  Most will probably be thrown in the trash and end up in landfills, instead of being reused or recycled.

Back in May, the United Nations Environment Programme put out a report on recycling metals.   It concluded that less than one-third of 60 metals studied have an  end-of-life recycling rate above 50% and 34 are under 1%.  The UN recommended boost waste management in developing economies and cease keeping old cell phones and other antiquated electronics lying around the house.   Read the report here.... read more

Reusing... Socks!

I'm sure if you're reading the Keen for Green website you are very familiar with the mantra, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." In my experience, recycling is the only part of that trifecta that gets any significant attention in terms of our daily habits. So, today I'm paying tribute to the concept of "Reusing." And my tribute involves the most mundane of objects... socks. But don't worry, this gets more interesting, so read on...... read more

3 Simple Uses for Old Papers

My family's gotten into the recycling routine at home- we recycle paper, plastic, cans, plastic bags, and yard trimmings.  It's hardly a feat to be proud of because it's so easy- our city's recycling service picks up all of these materials from our curb each week, with minimal sorting required of us.  Reusing materials (the more environmentally friendly alternative, since it avoids the energy consumption involved in recycling) has not been our strength, and I'm trying to work on that.  Reusing obviously takes a little more effort and creativity that simply tossing an empty soda can into a recycling bin.  Here are three simple ways to reuse old paper such as old bills, draft documents we don't need anymore, and credit card offer letters:... read more

How Far Does Your Food Travel?

With Earth Day quickly approaching (April 22), I am reminded to think about where I am in the world and where in the world my food is. I am in Canada and most of our food is not.

We are not far enough into spring to plant an outdoor garden and the Farmer's Market has not yet opened. Everything comes from the grocery store. I bought a beautiful bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Well, at least they were fresh when they were picked and hopefully just as fresh when they were packed.... read more

A Waste-Free Lunch

thermosSay good-bye to single-use sandwich baggies, brown paper lunch bags, and Ziplocs. Let's look at some safe and eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional ways to pack a lunch.

Pyrex Containers:
While not great for little kids, these are perfect for a work lunch because if you need to heat something up in the microwave, you can heat it up and eat from it as well.

Stainless Steel:
Life Without Plastic has many wonderful options. They're air tight, and you can use them for your lunch or storing food at home as well.

Reusable Baggies:
Forget about Ziplocs and buy reusable snack and sandwich bags.  I love The Lucky Butterfly because they're cute, reusable, and easy to clean. They're great for your own lunch, kids lunches, or packing a picnic lunch.... read more

Make Your Own Organic Ice Cream

In a desperate attempt to bring on summer, I've been making a slew of fresh organic ice cream. My kids think I'm a super-hero and I think the kids could be eating worse things than ice cream made from real ingredients.   The perfect bowl of icy refreshment is just 20 minutes away...

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Green your lunch!  Last summer, our blogger Liz wrote about how to make your school/work lunch produce less waste.  One excellent way?  Ditch the Ziplocs!  They're plastic, difficult to recycle because of the "zipper" component, and kinda expensive, too.  

Lucky for us, The Lucky Butterfly, maker of reusable snack and sandwich bags,  is offering FREE SHIPPING to Keen for Green readers!  Just use the coupon code "Keenforgreen" when checking out.  They even make custom ones in case you don't find a size/fabric that you like.... read more

Green Profile: Joe Lamp'l of Growing a Greener World

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Joe Lamp'l, gardener, green media personality extraordinare, and host and executive producer of Growing a Greener World on PBS.  

About Joe Lamp'l

Joe initially got into horticulture as a child, after breaking the branch off a shrub, sticking it into the ground, and seeing a mere few weeks later that it had taken root.  

Joe how he has been interested in sustainability for his whole life, but "there was an a-ha moment."  That moment was when he was using synthetic fertilizer in a hopper.  He hit a root and the fertilizer spilled, and he knew that using more than the recommended about of fertilizer is bad, so he tried to remove some of it.   The following day, there was a huge dead spot on the grass where the fertilizer had spilled.  "That was a huge graphic demonstration to me of what was in that stuff," he said, "It really got me going."... read more

Offset your carbon footprint this holiday season!

With Christmas and New Year's coming up, many people are traveling over the course of the next week or two.  If you're traveling, consider purchasing carbon offsets.  By purchasing carbon offsets through a site like Carbon Fund, you can help support carbon reduction projects.... read more

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