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Solar events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming SOLAR events in the San Francisco Bay Area - Week of October 19 - 24, 2009

Tapping into solar energy has many benefits: reduced burning of fossil fuels, independence from foreign energy producers, a lower electricity and gas usage bill -- and helping protect the planet's climate! ... read more

White Roof: All The Cool Roofs Are Doin' It!

Hybrid in the driveway?  Check.  Stylish green recycle logo t-shirt?  Check.  Fan of Keen for Green on Facebook?  Check.  White roof on house?  Che...  Hu?  Oh come on.  All the cool roofs are doin' it!  Dark roofing material is so 20th century.

White Roof Before and After KeenforGreen

It must have stung when your month old hybrid got trumped by your neighbor's electric, and here's your chance to get 'em back.   You could be the first kid on your block with a brand new white roof.  They say revenge is best served cold, and that's the whole idea behind cool roofs.  Okay so maybe not the revenge part, but definitely the cold part.  I know it's childish to play "out-green your neighbor," but I don't think your mother (nature) will mind.... read more

Clean Tech applications: Ride share and carpooling

Remember how hitchhiking was an accepted mode of transit in America years ago? Well, now we have ride sharing. With approximately ¾ of commuters driving alone to work in the U.S. every weekday, alternative transportation modes bring many benefits.

Photo by dreamstime.comPhoto by

Ride sharing is a simple way to save money, reduce one’s carbon footprint, provide opportunities to network and expand one’s contacts, reduce driving stress, as well as pleasant. Find friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are traveling the same way you are – for school, work, events or leisure – and share a ride.

There are several variations of sharing transit: carpooling, where pool members use their own private cars. Ride-share also refers to members jointly share the costs of a rented car; or sharing a ride in a hired vehicle with a hired driver, like a shared taxi, shuttle, vanpools, etc.... read more

Do electric cars really help the environment? Are they 'green'?

Are hybrid and electric vehicles batteries a Green alternative or add hazardous chemicals to our landfills?

Visiting the West-Coast Green conference in San Francisco this past week confirmed the feel-good and coolness of electric vehicles. Photo from Photo from hybridcars.comPhoto from Photo from

I would definitely be a happy camper if I win the electric bike or electric tricycle raffle!... read more

How to move the public on climate action?

Many Americans believe climate change is an impending environmental threat that faces us in the next millennium, however, although global warming is considered the biggest threat, most people are not committed to making the choices and lifestyle changes that are required. 

While, global temperatures are rising, weather conditions change across the world, the Arctic ice cap is melting, scientists and environmentalists are presenting urgent warnings about climate change, politicians, business leaders and financial ventures incentivize, stimulate and invest in new Green technologies - people acknowledge the threat, but are still not taking personal actions to reduce the problem.

Today, a number of scientists acknowledge that some climate change may not be reversible.

... read more

What is 'green' software design? What is Open Source development?

What does green have to do with software developers and software engineers?

How can the Information Technology (IT) industry improve its green credentials?         

Devising high performance computing, i.e. developing ‘smarter’ software to exploit parallel, multiprocessor architectures will inevitably mean more efficient use of hardware resources and better coding techniques.

Another major aspect of green software is sustainable software development and the use of Open Source methodologies.

... read more

Boxed Wine: Not Just for the Cheap Anymore

I am an avid red wine drinker.  Lately I've been thinking about taking my wine drinking to a greener level, but it's a bit overwhelming as there are a lot of factors to consider.

To start with, what's the difference between USDA certified organic and plain old organic on the labels?  To be USDA certified organic, a vineyard must grow its grapes without using any chemicals or artificial fertilizers.  Also USDA certified organic wine cannot have any sulfites added.  (Don't misinterpret this, though.  These wines will still contain some sulfites, as they naturally occur in wine.)  A wine labelled simply organic means that at least 70% of its contents are organic.

However, being a greener wine consumer is not necessarily synonomous with being an organic wine drinker.  Sustainability is another factor to consider.  What is the vineyard doing to make a less significant impact on the earth?  Are they taking measures to reduce erosion?  How about water consumption?  Do they only run sprinklers when absolutely necessary or is their system automatic?  What methods do they use of reducing pests?

Another way to green your wine consumption is to take a look at where your wine originates. identifies and explains a "green line" that runs down the center of Ohio.  The Green Line


... read more

Use The Right Grass!

The beginning of any lawn project is simple, the grass.  What seems like a small choice really is monumental when it comes to conservation of waters, reduction of fertilizers and preventing the encroachment of non-native species.  For these reason, you must....


... read more

Back to School the Green Way

I never had the typical college experience.  Sure, I lived on campus at two separate universities, but they were both primarily commuter colleges.  My sister, however, had your typical college experience at a university where 98% of freshmen and 50% of all undergrads lived on campus and, therefore, had cafeteria meal plans.  My sister frequently mentioned how appalled she was at the sheer wastefulness of the students.

So, apparently, was Andilee Warner at the Southern Illinios University Carbondale, who was been named "Recycler of the Year" in 2007 by the Illinois Recycling Association.  Warner earned this title because of the vermicomposting project she started with the university's cafeteria waste.

Illinois Recycling Association

... read more

Water Your Lawn Deeply & Infrequently!

One of the worst environmentally impacts caused by lawns comes from watering.  Most people water their lawn on a daily basis.  This daily watering is usually done  during the day or in the middle of night and lasts for sometimes 30 minutes to an hour and a half!  So what should you do?


... read more

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