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What is a Home Energy Management System?

Home Energy Managing Systems are tools that monitor energy data from your electricity meter and/or PV solar system.  The system tracks how much energy is in use at any given time or over a period of time.  There are two types of energy management systems on the market: 1) those geared toward utility companies to monitor customer use and allow them to adjust rates based on use; and 2) those for home owners to monitor their own home energy use in order to be more efficient. ... read more

Latest stats on e-Readers

Check out this infographic from RetailMeNot.  It has all sorts of stats about e-readers and towards the bottom of the graphic there's some information about why e-readers are eco-friendly.    

 ... read more

Are E-Readers Green Readers?

book and e-readerJust when I thought it was safe to love technology, now this. Recent articles show that using e-readers (like Kindles or iPads) may harm the environment more than reading paper books. Since I fancy myself as a green consumer I did some eco-bean counting (better known as calculating your environmental footprint) to see whether I’d go green or brown if I bought an e-reader.... read more

Smart Grid event - Future metering devices

The current metering devices for generating, transmitting and distributing electrical informationr are vulnerable to failure. The need to revamp this outdated technology is apparent, especially in an age of renewable energy. Original image from freefoto.comOriginal image from freefoto.comThe smart grid creates opportunities beyond new meter devices and simple data collection.

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March 2010 - Green events in the San Francisco Bay Area

March presents several webinars, discussions and networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area encompassing various environmental sectors.

Events include:... read more

  • An exclusive research regarding the American Photo Voltaic (PV) market - the challenges and opportunities this sector will face in 2010;

  • An overview of prominent sustainability frameworks, protocols and tracking tools;

CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley - January 2010

Clean technology (CleanTech) has become a prominent sector in many countries; some call this emerging sector a revolution. However what, in point of fact, is done? Where are we headed, where are we behind and what are the next steps? How does Information Technology (IT) leverage clean tech innovations?

When it comes to green technology, is the US moving forward fast enough to make a difference globally?

Check the following events:... read more

What is 'green' software design? What is Open Source development?

What does green have to do with software developers and software engineers?

How can the Information Technology (IT) industry improve its green credentials?         

Devising high performance computing, i.e. developing ‘smarter’ software to exploit parallel, multiprocessor architectures will inevitably mean more efficient use of hardware resources and better coding techniques.

Another major aspect of green software is sustainable software development and the use of Open Source methodologies.

... read more

IBM Charting a Path for Galway Bay

Marine Institute of Ireland

For the past ten years, IBM has been joining with venture capitalist in an effort to provide solutions to large socio-economic problems utilizing a computer construct approach.  This approach centers on the use of analytics and information technology in creating quicker and more efficient systems to manage complex tasks.  These new solutions health care or the environment are branded "smart planet" by IBM.

The first major success of IBM in their "smart planet" endeavor is Galway "smart" bay in Ireland. The pilot system in place in Galway uses numerous sensors to track a huge range of changes in the bay, including pollution, fish stock levels and any possible threats to the environment.  The system even monitors the amount of green energy generated by the bay.... read more

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