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Green MBA Programs in Florida


Tampa MBA

Businesses and Universities in the Sunshine State recognize the importance of Sustainable Practices in Florida's economy.  Businesses that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility are more competitive and often more profitable than those who use traditional business models.  Several universities throughout the the state of Florida offer Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degrees in Green and Sustainable Management.... read more

Green Review: The Illinois Institute of Technology (ITT)

The state of Illinois has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. A state with such beautiful and complex eco-systems requires professionals and businesses with sense of social responsibility to their community. Enter the Illinois Institute of Technology (ITT).  I have reviewed many, many universities for their "greenness" and sustainable practices, and ITT offers some of the most comprehensive programs led by hot-off-the presses research. 

The Illinois Institute of Technology is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. It offers several interesting and innovative green graduate-level programs: Green MBA's with various concentrations, a joint MBA/Master of Science (MS), a joing MBA/JD, and 3 graduate certificates.... read more

Chicago Metropolitan Area Green MBA Programs

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana - the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area ("Chicagoland") - home the beautiful Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.  The Chicago Area boasts huge forests and wilderness areas, natural mineral deposits, coastal sand dunes, and exquisite rocky shorelines. As the trend toward Sustainable Business Practices spreads across the country, it is no surprise that Universities in Chicagoland are jumping into the Green boat.  Green MBA degrees and graduate level certificates are offered through several universities throughout the Chicago/Great Lake region.  These MBA and certificate programs promote the concept of the "Triple Bottom Line:" that business success can be measured in terms of economic, environmental, and social success. 

Indiana University offers a certificate in "Social Entrepreneurship" that is completed in conjuncture with their full-scope MBA.  This certificate program is an interdisciplinary program out of the business school and school of public and environmental affairs, which "allows... students to groom their sense of social entrepreneurship and civic responsibility."... read more

Green Review: Stanford University

Standford University. Green? Yup. Keen? You betcha.

Stanford is located in Palo Alto, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley.  The Univerisity was founded in 1891 and since the doors opened has played a critical role in the innovation of new technologies, scientific advances, and social change. Today Stanford is a leader in the field of Environmental Sciences and offers several Keen and Green academic programs.

At the undergraduated level, Stanford offers BS degrees in Energy Resources Engineering, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, and an interdisciplinary program called Earth Systems Program.  This program examines the impact of human behavior on Earth systems, and is a combination of study in science, technology, and policy.  (Super interesting, right?!?)... read more

Presido Graduate School Review - Green MBA/MPA

Search any list of "Green" MBA programs and universities, and Presidio Graduate School will be amongst the top 5 listings. Presidio Graduate School offers 3 Masters Degrees in Sustainable Management: an MBA (Masters in Business Administration), an MPA (Masters in Public Administration) , and a joint MBA/MPA.... read more

FAQ: Green/Sustainable MBA

Q: What is a Green MBA?

A: A traditional Masters in Business Administration (MBA) usually includes extensive study in areas such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, international business and entrepreneurship. A "Green" or "Sustainable" MBA adds in the "Triple Bottom Line" philosophy: an examination of the economic, environmental, and social impact of business decisions.  (Or, more simply stated, the impact on people, planet, and profit)

Q: How will a Green MBA make me more competative in the job market?... read more

The Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line

I don't have to tell you the economy is in bad shape. The causes of this Great Recession are complex.  One reason is that the business and economic strategies of the last several decades have proven to be unsustainable.  Corporations have put profits above all else at the cost of the national economy and individual standards of living. This has lead business executives and economics to propose a new strategy for micro- and macroeconomic success: The Triple Bottom Line.... read more

Which Green MBA Program is Right for Me?

The economy is looking for new practices to sustain long-term growth. Environmentalists are looking for new practices to preserve our environment. Everyone is looking for business accountability to society.  This is where the green MBA comes in.  If you are reading this article, you have probably already begun to do some research on the subject.  Green or Sustainable MBA's instruct business professionals in how to manage succesful businesses in terms of profit, the planet, and people.  Here are some things to keep in mind when picking a program:... read more

Washington DC Area Green MBA Programs

I don't have to tell you that the US economy is in trouble.  A new wave of business is necessary to pull us out of this recession, Sustainable Business.  The conceptual framework for Sustainable Business is that business success is measured by environmental, societal, and economic outcomes (or what industry insiders call "The Triple Bottom Line").  I thought it made sense for this new vision for economic recovery to come out of our nation's capitol, and thus I begun a search for green and sustainable MBA programs... read more

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