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Sustainable Brands Conference 2010 - June 7-10

For anyone who is interested in 'green' marketing, branding, strategy, sustainable business, and overall business leadership and trends, check out this conference. Sustainable Brands Conference 2010Sustainable Brands Conference 2010

The Sustainable Brands Conference 2010 in Monterey, California, is geared for marketing professionals and executives who are looking to understand the unfolding market drivers and leading-edge strategies for building business and brand value by innovating for sustainability.... read more

Green education - top Green colleges and high-school initiatives

As the green economy has moved to the center of the economic recovery in 2010 and environmental and social reponsibility awareness have increased, more and more students are looking for 'green' education.

Nowadays, about two-thirds of college applicants are interested in environmentally responsible schools and whether the campus is ‘green’. Prominence, location and vibrant social life are not the only criteria. Several higher education collges and universities in the US have a strong commitment to sustainability and have been working rigorously to reduce their environmental impact. Some of their initiatives are inspiring as the colleges go beyond recycling or using biodegradable tableware and utensils in the cafeterias, or retrofitting solar panels on roofs. Several have organic gardens, waste treatment centers, and programs to offset carbon emissions.

Based on the results of a survey by the Sierra Club (published last October), read more about the school's list Colleges go green-The top eco conscious schools in the US.

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The younger generation is inspired into environmental activism and entrepreneurship even earlier. At the fourth annual Tech Titans of Tomorrow: Teens Plugges In 2010 conference on April 23, 2010, several outstanding teenagers presented their initiatives. Intersecting technology and environmental activism, there were two teen entrepreneur environmenatl teams who have been changing one school at a time, through an eductional initiative of climate change curriculum and lifestyle behavior changes to 9th grade students, as well as, energy metering and management in school facilities, reducing costs and alleviating scarce school resources. Read about Menlo-Atherton High School (Menlo Park, CA) and Harker School (San Jose, CA) and their  green teams: Green teen entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

... read more

March 2010 - Green events in the San Francisco Bay Area

March presents several webinars, discussions and networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area encompassing various environmental sectors.

Events include:... read more

  • An exclusive research regarding the American Photo Voltaic (PV) market - the challenges and opportunities this sector will face in 2010;

  • An overview of prominent sustainability frameworks, protocols and tracking tools;

The future of garbage in Palo Alto, CA

What’s in your trash receptacles? Palo Alto is in the process of crafting a new Recycling and Composting ordinance to restrict recyclables and compostables from the garbage.

On January 27, 2010, the City of Palo Alto conducted its first public meeting regarding the proposed Recycling and Composting Ordinance. ... read more

Types of Green Careers

A green career may be any position which is dedicated (or contributes) to preserving and restoring the environment's natural resources. Green careers contribute to protecting the overall environmental quality. They also meet the previously discussed goals of the labor movement, which consist of adequate wages, safe working conditions, and employee rights.... read more

Green careers and how to move forward

As the green economy is developing, whether you want to move your green career ahead, or focus on greening your current career, many green economy experts agree that now is the time to learn about different green industries and companies, to buBackground image from marketing news magazineBackground image from marketing news magazineild and strengthen your green network, and do your homework.

Researching and exploring several target industries are important, as the time invested and the learnings will allow you to better understand what you want and will also help with the next steps you need to take.

Planning ahead and defining what you want to accomplish to reach your green career goals will help you know what to do next and how to better manage your time in your job search.

When opportunities arise, such as a networking event or a meeting, a class or training sessions you could take, or acting on contact or a job lead – assess whether each occasion might help you move toward your goals and if it’s worth your time.

One way to build your green network is to get involved with a green community organization, usually a non-profit, where you won’t only make a difference and contribute to your community, but also will provide you with many learning opportunities of your chosen green sectors, as well as will enhance your quality green contacts. Find other people who share your enthusiasm in particular environmental areas.... read more

Why Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels Will Not Eclipse Commercial Panels

One hesitancy those considering a career in solar panel installation might have is the huge number of "do-it-yourself" solar panel guides available for free or at a very low price on the Internet.  However, just as individual, do-it-yourself homebuilding will never eclipse commercial home construction, so do-it-yourself solar panels will never eclipse commercial solar panel installation. 

Why will DIY solar not eclipse commercial solar panels?  There are four simple reasons:... read more

Another look at how to Green your Halloween

A scary piece of information: Americans spend over 3 billions of dollars on Halloween (statistics from 2006 and 2007)! This includes parties, candy, decorations, and, of course, costumes.

As our environmental and health awareness increases, we may want to choose alternative and greener ways to celebrate a fabulous Holiday, and also demonstrate to our friends and family how to be considerate to nature on Halloween.

Here are 5 unusual tips to Green your Halloween:... read more

Thayer School Seminar

The Thayer School Youtube Channel recently posted one of their seminars in a series called "Jones Seminars on Science, Technology, and Society."  The seminar was titled "Sustainable Biofuels: A Personal Odyssey."  The lecturer is Lee Lynd, a distinguished professor in Environmental Engineering Design at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.  ... read more

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