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Welcome back for a Wednesday Quick.  This is where the folks at comb the internet for cool environmentally minded blogs that are producing remarkable articles.  Some funny,some interesting and some important.  Please enjoy the websites and tell them you found them through our website.  So without further ado...

Reusing: Better than Recycling:  The National Wildlife Federation Campus Ecology Blog, a blog focused on college environmental issues, recently posted about the great amount of waste created by students' exodus from dorms to their parents' home.  The author, Xarissa Holdaway, believes that students may stop this practice "by creating student reuse depots, rescuing items from landfills, and donating useful materials to shelters and thrift stores."  Also, my wife's alma mater Mills College is featured so I had to feature this post.

BAM’s Green Rooftop Aviary for Migrating Birds: Do you sometimes wish that we lived in the Jetson's world?  You know the picture; flying cars, robot maids and funky rooftops (some with golf courses).  Well the people at Inhabitant just posted a number of designs by Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) that do elicit that space-age motif.  These new green rooftops hopefully will become urban aviary's for birds across the world.

U.S. Green Product Council Debated: The Environmental Leader wrote recently on the need for a U.S. Green Product Council which could then take on the task of mapping all these various certifications.  The need comes from the explosion of green products and companies proclaiming to have green products.  For example, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged Kmart Corp., Tender Corp., and Dyna-E International with making false and unsubstantiated claims that their paper products were “biodegradable.”  This new standard would help alleviate these problems by creating unified requirements and control measures for the standard.

Opportunity Blossoms for Green MBAs: Tom Savage of talks about why there is so much new opportunity for Green MBAs in this dismal economic climate. I strongly disagree and believe that a Green MBA is still not a sure fire way to land the job of your dream, especially now.  I think I might actually have a response post to this piece in me.

The Greenest Lawn, the Green Way: What a wonderful site is A daily blog about the trials and tips that a mother gets from trying to become more environmentally friendly in her own life.  In this blog entry she talks about having a healthy, green lawn with a clear conscience.  Go click on over and read some more of her well written response.

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