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Youth Empowerment for the Green Campaign

Environmental problems have become adversely diverse and extensively threatening in the modern times. In the past, humanity was only dealing with a simple pollution problem but now the enormous world population, climate change, global warming, and many other serious problems are already endangering the Earth and every life form.


Scientists, environmentalists and experts have been working together to discover scientific breakthroughs and other methods to address the aggravating issues. Environmental organizations and concerned citizens are also doing their part to contribute in the effort to save Mother Earth. ... read more

Lighting up your garden the eco friendly way



The greenest part of your household is your garden, but sometimes this may not be the case, as lighting up your garden in the evening can come with a cost, as it is becoming more and more popular for lights to be installed into features in your garden or just simply to light up an area with a spot light. ... read more

Thank You MBTA

Dear MBTA (Mass Bay Transportation Authority for the non-Boston area readers),

Thank you for ruining another commute to work. The other day I spent nearly two hours on the red and green line attempting to go from Dorchester to Somerville, roughly ten miles.... read more

Act Now to Stay Cool Next Summer

fanThe time to think about cooling is when it’s cool, not hot. So begin preparing for a cooler summer now and through the spring. Doing so will have you sitting pretty when the thermostat starts hitting its July and August highs. 

The methods you choose will depend on several variables, not the least of which is your own internal thermostat. Some people can tolerate more heat than others. If you’re not afraid of a little perspiration, for example, any number of low-tech solutions may be all you need. As a bonus, low-tech tends to be greener and less expensive than mechanical solutions. If your tolerance to heat is low, or if you live in a climate where the heat is relentless, choose from one of several central air conditioning systems. They are quieter and more efficient than window air conditions and won’t obstruct your windows. They’re also more secure, giving intruders one less way to break into your home.... read more

What's Your Favorite Hybrid Car Myth?

HybridI'm sure you've seen both sides of the coin by now with hybrid vehicles.  One side's championing and the other's lambasting on many points of interest.  Heck, there's probably even a small sector of people debating the debate on hybrids vs. conventional vehicles.

To which I say, whatever's clever.  At some point, all the facts and figures and testimonials won't change everyone's mind sooner rather than later.  Whether that's because of myths or not, I figured it's high time to list the best hybrid myths out there.  And at the end, if you want to pick your favorite from the bunch or add to the list, you're more than welcome.

Now on to the list!

Myth #1: Hybrids Are Still A Relative Unkown

While they may be intentionally unkown to some, hybrids are far from being a new property.  The "hybrid" car was orignially conceived way back in the late 17th century by Ferdinand Verbiest, who drew up plans to create a 4-wheel steam car for the Chinese Emperor, Khang Hsi.  And as for the first functioning hybrid, you only have to go nearly 100 years later to 1769, where Frenchman Nicholas Cugnot completed a steam-powered carriage that moved at a brisk 6 miles per hour.  Granted, it wasn't fast, but from a technical sense of the word, it's still a hybrid through and through.

Myth #2: Hybrid Tech Is Merely A Trend 

Technology is always evolving into something much more with every passing year.  Whether it's smartphones becoming smarter, home siding becoming more energy efficient or in the case of hybrid engines, becoming more advanced between all-electric reliance or efficient gas-electric motors, hybrid cars are evolving with every new model year.  Trends are reserved for disco.

Myth #3: Hybrids Only Appeal To Conservationists

This one's pretty easy to dissect.  Grouping a hybrid with a percentage of people who may be more eco-friendly than another is on the same level as saying the only people who buy a Porsche or Corvette are people approaching a mid-life crisis.  The reality is a hybrid appeals to every driver the same way a truck or sports car should appeal to every driver. ... read more

How To Be As Green As Possible When Moving

Aside from helping conserve the environment around us, there are many pluses sprouting up from increased awareness on eco-friendly how-to’s, habits and just general recycling mentalities.  They can be found with how we drive or arrive at a particular destination.  Or how we reuse items we took for granted and disposed of in the past.  If you stare long and hard at any given task for a good amount of time, there’s a green initiative hiding somewhere inside.

Like moving into a new home or apartment.  

Now, no one’s really running through the streets expressing their love for moving, now are they?  Truth be told, it’s one process stacked on top of another that’s more or less one big cluster both with packing and unpacking.  Some might just opt to let the professionals come in and handle the situation, while others will take the task on their own (and hopefully with a few helping hands).  ... read more

Perfection in Manufacturing Makes for a Greener Existence

It can be difficult to understand how a lot of modern day machinery, from vehicles to agricultural devices can be seen as being eco friendly or environmentally sound. But the truth is, without the high levels of quality within their internal components manufacturing processes, their emissions could be far worse and their environmental impact far greater than we can fully understand.... read more

Water Heater Efficiency Ratings

Water Heater Efficiency

According to, your water heater accounts for about 15-20% of your monthly energy bill.  When it comes time to purchase a new hot water heater, it is important to understand efficiency ratings of the many types of water heaters that are out there. 

Energy efficiency of water heaters is discussed in terms of two metrics: First-hour rating (FHR) and efficiency. First-hour rating (FHR) measures how much hot water is available during the busiest hour of the day. Interestingly, the size of the water heater does not always correlate with the FHR. More importantly, look for the recovery rating, which tells you how quickly the water heater will replace the hot water as it is used.... read more

Gas vs Electric Water Heater: Which is more efficient?

 Gas vs electric water heater

Hot water heaters last, on average, 13 years. So when it comes time to replace your existing water heater it’s important to do your research and make the right decision for your home.  Water heaters account for about 25% of your energy bill – that’s a pretty large chunk, and is why it often makes sense to spend a little more money initially. The big question that comes up is gas vs electric. Should you buy a gas water heater or electric? Which is cheaper, and more importantly, which is more efficient?

In short, gas (both natural gas and propane) water heaters are more efficient than electric.  It usually costs about 3x as much to heat the same amount of water with electricity as it does with gas (yes, I said THREE TIMES as much).... read more

10 Tips for Summer Energy Conservation (without spending a dime)

Energy savings

Here are some tips for staying cool this summer while decreasing your energy consumption.  If you're not ready to go solar, there are still plenty of changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Turn your thermostat to 120 degrees.  Run a meat thermometer under the water 5-6 hours after you lower the temperature and adjust the settings on the thermostat as necessary.

2. Wash your clothes in cold water.

3. Insulate your hot water heater.... read more

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