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More CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley, CA - Early 2010

What are the areas for opportunity in Clean Tech in 2010?

To learn of the challenges the industry faces and enhance learnings, here are a few more events in Silicon Valley: Image from Silicon French websiteImage from Silicon French website... read more

CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley - January 2010

Clean technology (CleanTech) has become a prominent sector in many countries; some call this emerging sector a revolution. However what, in point of fact, is done? Where are we headed, where are we behind and what are the next steps? How does Information Technology (IT) leverage clean tech innovations?

When it comes to green technology, is the US moving forward fast enough to make a difference globally?

Check the following events:... read more

Apple Working on Home Energy Management

Some details surfaced this week about a patent Apple filed last May for a system to manage power delivery to home electronics.  It is based on the HomePlug standard, and it appears there is a provision for energy storage in the home.

See these links for details: Link1 Link2




... read more

RollingStone's Enemies of the Planet: Warren Buffett Heads the List

RollingStone has published an article on the individuals who are single-handedly posting the biggest threat to our planet.   It is an interesting list and includes:

  • Warren Buffett - the dubious number 1 spot who seems to be banking on the failure of the clean energy bills with huge investments tied to coal.
  • Rupert Murdoch -  #2 due to the Fox News propaganda machine.
  • Sen. James Inhofe - who proudly guarantees that the GOP will be able to block carbon curbing legislation and bemoaned not landing in the number 1 position on the RollingStone list.
  • George Will - for writing lie after lie in his column - thus using his reputation as the Conservative Intellectual to give credibility to disinformation.
  • John McCain - Flip-flopping to try and save his political life.

The common theme to the list seems to be age (most on the list are over 70, wtf - they don't need the planet that much longer?)... read more

How to grasp a career in solar

There are reasons for 'green careers' optimism. In particular, the renewable energy economy sparks high interest and creates numerous opportunities for green jobs and career training paths. The federal government is investing billions into the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors to help get the U.S. economy back on track. Existing and emerging businesses are investing even more. Photo by Swords to PlowsharesPhoto by Swords to Plowshares... read more

Waste Heat - Alphabet Energy Tackles a Hot Problem

Have you ever opened and worked on your car engine while it is still hot?  Ouch - the average temperature of a running engine is 170-200 degrees farenheit. One thing I have never considered - cars (and basically all things that run hot) are creating heat waste.   Wasted heat  is created as a by-product of the conversion process of fuel into usable energy. 


One of the ideas that really caught my attention at the Cleantech Open was presented by finalist Alphabet Energy Inc.  They are working on technology that will recapture waste heat.   According to Alphabet Energy, the average power plant is only 30% efficient and the same efficiency number has been cited for automobiles. ... read more

Green test your home and save money!

How would your home or building perform on a Green test?

Buildings and homes rarely operate at peak performance. The sector of building and home efficiency audits,  a growing vocation in the San Francisco Bay Area and California, focuses on optimizing the comfort of buildings and houses occupants, money saving, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving utilization of resources. Image by Avi Decorative Painting, Inc.Image by Avi Decorative Painting, Inc.... read more

The benefits of hybrid commuter vehicles: electric bikes and tricycles

Electric bikes and tricycles have become environmentally responsible hybrid commuter vehicles with excellent mileage and very low operating costs - 3 miles per penny!

Both ebikes and tricycles might transform urban mobility, as more and more people take to them. As a replacement for short car rides, they emit minimal carbon dioxide, compared to a car ride, and help residents reduce their total carbon footprint. Image from

In addition to environmental benefits, ebike lovers indicate 5 more reasons to prefer electric bike or trike:

(Click here to read about electric bicycles environmental benefits)

1) Health benefits – Electric bikes enable people with temporary or long-term physical limitations to enjoy biking. Many ebike models offer simultaneous motor and pedal use for some degree of physical activity.2) Convenience – It’s always there for you and enables easy riding around town, running errands, and even shopping (it can fit a small load of grocery bags). Parking is never an issue. Some models fit child-seats or a trailer. For longer trips, most models are light and easily fit into an average car trunk.3) Money consideration - Cheaper than a car and you don’t need to pay for car insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs, even parking tickets. There are also considerations of rising gasoline prices.... read more

Contenders at Clean Tech Open Who Did Not Win


I was struck by how great some of the contenders were that did not win final awards at Clean Tech Open.  Below are some of the stand-outs in my opinion.  Check them out below!... read more

Clean Tech Open Winners

 At theClean Tech Open Gala last night, awards were made to early stage start-ups that compete for recognition and financial assistance.  Also, there was an alumni award made.

The winners were:... read more

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