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National Costume Swap Day: 10/8/11

When I was a kid, my mom would always get me those cheap, flimsy Halloween costumes.  You know the kind -- the plastic smock, a plastic mask with a rubber band.  They'd usually fall apart halfway through trick-or-treating and when the grown-ups would ask, "What are you dressed up as?" I'd have to explain that I was dressed as Barbie...until my mask broke.  I don't even think they make those kinds of costumes anymore, and thank goodness for that, because what a WASTE.  All that difficult to recycle plastic, inhaling PVC with that mask on, and only to be thrown out after just a few hours of use.  ... read more

Corporate Cash for Cleantech Event - 9/29/11, San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley's Environmental Business Cluster is holding a Corporate Cash for Cleantech event on September 29, 2011.    The event consists of an an industry panel focusing on big corporations seeking information on cleantech.  The discussions will include panelists from Chevron, EFT Energy, and more.  

"Our panel discussions are candid, interactive and informal," explains the Environmental Business Cluster. "We want you to walk away with the real story behind how things work so you can make it happen yourself."... read more

Green Carpet Recap - Whole Foods Market, Newton, Massachusetts

Last Friday, Keen For Green was lucky to be a part of Whole Food's Market Green Carpet Event in Newton, Massachuetts.

   ... read more

ARAG Green Fair in Des Moines, Iowa

ARAG Green Fair in Des Moines, IowaARAG Green Fair in Des Moines, Iowa

Calling all Keen For Green fans in the Des Moines area!  Septembe 30th marks the second annual ARAG Green Fair!

This free event at Capital Square Atrium is open to the public. This is a free event is open to the public. WThere will be over 35 vendors attending providing individuals and businesses with information about being green.  ... read more

Iowa Health Systems, who was a vendor partner in 2010, has joined ARAG as an official Sponsorship Partner for the 2011 event.

Green Carpet Event at Whole Foods Market - Newton, Massachusetts

Calling all Keen For Green fans in Greater Boston!  On September 16 from 4-7 PM, Keen For Green will be taking part in A Green Carpet Event at Whole Foods Market in Newton, MA.  (the 916 Walnut St location)

There will be 10 awesome local vendors sampling delicious food, Keys For Hope will be there to recycle your keys, Leslie Reichert, author of The Joy of Green Cleaning, will be signing books, there will be a  rain barrel making workshop...and more!  ... read more

"Green Living: How Important is It to You?" Survey

  How important is green in your life?  Keen For Green is conducting a poll to learn about people's green habits and what is important to you. Click here to take our brief survey!

Meatless Mondays!!

Meatless Mondays

I am all about making small lifestyle changes to decrease my negative impact on the environment. While I may not be able to afford solar panels or an electric car, I CAN by local foods, hang-dry my clothes and do other small things which can add up to a BIG impact by the end of the year.... read more

The 2011 Toxies Red Carpet Awards

dioxin - toxiesNext Thursday, Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles, is holding the second annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals.  The event includes a red carpet event at 4 PM, PDT, an award ceremony, and an after party at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

The Toxies exists to educate the public on the dangers of toxic and untested chemicals, teach people how to remove these chemicals from their lives, and encourage advocacy for policy changes.   ... read more

The Environmental Business Cluster Casino Night Fundraiser Connects California Green Businesses

Casino Night

On May 12, 2011, cleantechnology “green” business professionals from around California's Silicon Valley gathered together for an evening of entertainment, food, and gambling! “Baby needs a new pair of shoes!” - While this phrase was exclaimed more than once in the evening, we all knew the new pair of shoes was more than a material want; it was a community desire to support growth in the cleantech industry as a whole.... read more

CleanTech Business: Environmental Business Cluster, Casino Night 2011

Join KeenForGreen at a night of fun in support of greentech, cleantech start-up businesses! The Environmental Business Cluster (EBC), a non-profit, cleantech business “incubator” in San Jose California hosts their annual Casino Night Fundraiser on May 12, 2011 in the heart of Silicon Valley. KeenForGreen readers receive a 30% discount by registering here!... read more

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