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June 2010 - Business Awards event

Acterra’s 2010 Business Environmental Award reception will be held in Palo Alto, California on June 3.

Acterra is an environmental non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, which brings people and businesses together to create local solutions for a healthy planet. See more information about Acterra's programs below. Image from flickr.comImage from read more

Green procurement - Connecting sustainability and profitability

Today, customer demand is driving manufacturers and suppliers to become sustainable. Procurement can play a key role in driving the supply-chain towards sustainability. Green procurement refers to acquiring products, services, utilities, and work not based on criteria of price/quality only, but also with considerations of minimizing environmental impacts, of fairness and social justice, and economically viable, now and in the long term.   

Read more about Successful sustainability initiatives in corporate America and Sustainability best practices among leading companies.

Examples of green procurement range from the purchase of energy-saving lightbulbs to utilizing 'green' office supplies, retrofitting buildings with solar panels or recycled materials. purchasing organic food to be served in cafeterias, replacing vehicle fleet with electric vehicles, and more. The ultimate green procurement is the avoidance of the purchase altogether.Companies that implement sustainability initiatives develop and publish a 'Sustainable Development Procurement Guidelines and Procedures' to their supply-chain.

However, there are varying shades of  Going Green and some of the considerations for the supply chain may be:... read more

  • •    Recycled content
  • •    Bio-based content
  • •    Assessing toxic content (like Mercury in fluorescent lights)
  • •    Energy or water consumption
  • •    Products take-back and actual recycling

March 2010 - Green events in the San Francisco Bay Area

March presents several webinars, discussions and networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area encompassing various environmental sectors.

Events include:... read more

  • An exclusive research regarding the American Photo Voltaic (PV) market - the challenges and opportunities this sector will face in 2010;

  • An overview of prominent sustainability frameworks, protocols and tracking tools;

Green events in the San Francisco Bay Area – February 2010

When it comes to cleantech and sustainability, how can we bridge the gap between theory and practice and provide a comprehensive real-world view of the future of cleantech?Image from FreeFotoImage from FreeFoto

Check the following events and networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area:... read more

More CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley, CA - Early 2010

What are the areas for opportunity in Clean Tech in 2010?

To learn of the challenges the industry faces and enhance learnings, here are a few more events in Silicon Valley: Image from Silicon French websiteImage from Silicon French website... read more

CleanTech/GreenTech events in Silicon Valley - January 2010

Clean technology (CleanTech) has become a prominent sector in many countries; some call this emerging sector a revolution. However what, in point of fact, is done? Where are we headed, where are we behind and what are the next steps? How does Information Technology (IT) leverage clean tech innovations?

When it comes to green technology, is the US moving forward fast enough to make a difference globally?

Check the following events:... read more

Rain Water Harvesting Workshops

Level 100 workshops are one day introduction courses open to anyone interested in learning more about rainwater harvesting in non-potable applications, such as landscape irrigation. This course will provide an overview of rainwater harvesting, history, uses and applicability to conserving rainfall as a natural resource. Concepts and techniques are introduced on harvesting rain for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation and wildlife management.... read more

Clean Tech Open Gala Awards

I was fortunate enough to attend the CleanTech Open this week in San Francisco.   The  CleanTech Open is a business plan competition in the Green sector and they provide mentoring and  significant funding (and media and VC attention) to Green start-ups.   These were their Academy Awards at the beautiful Masonic.   I particularly enjoyed the variety, creativity and potential of the finalists  and imagine  there are many great ideas that didn't make it to the finals.  This gave me a lot to write about and even one product to lust about.  I want one of these 3 wheeled vehicles which will get 100 mpg and bends into a turn like a motorcycle (from Green Lite Motors).... read more

Green Lite Motors

Green your Holidays; Green your gifts

How to reduce usage of gift wraps? How about saving trees?

Learn about biodegradable dinnerware and other green suggestions for your festive.

And, of course, best ideas for Green Gift Giving!

$$$   Save Money   $$$$$$ Save Money $$$

 Avi Green Now!, an environmental and educational venue, presents:... read more

Emerging Green economy: building and home efficiency careers and why they matter

Almost every industry has been affected by the emerging green economy. As public awareness broadens, the sector of building and home efficiency audits grows. Certified professionals inspect homes, offices, commercial and industrial buildings, and work with the owners to optimize the economic, energy and environmental performance of their buildings.Image by Avi, Avi Decorative Painting, Inc.Image by Avi, Avi Decorative Painting, Inc.... read more

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