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Solar events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming SOLAR events in the San Francisco Bay Area - Week of October 19 - 24, 2009

Tapping into solar energy has many benefits: reduced burning of fossil fuels, independence from foreign energy producers, a lower electricity and gas usage bill -- and helping protect the planet's climate! ... read more

Why are Farmers' Markets the way to go...

Lisa Reed's Farmers Market

Want some tasty vegetables or some nice ripe fruit? Or how about some homemade organic bread or pasta sauces? What about tasting some flavorful almonds or getting some fresh, hot kettle corn? Then you should check out some amazing farmers' markets in your local community! The produce that you can find at a farmers' market usually is from local farms and communities surrounding it. Most of the produce that is at a Farmers' market is grown naturally or organically. For example, meat at a farmers' market is almost always raised humanely. The fruits and vegetables are not genetically altered or covered in harmful pesticides. Advocates for farmers' market believe that having continuous markets of this sort helps farmers stay in business and helps preserve natural resources. Farmers who sell their produce direct to the public instead of wholesale get a better price and in return are able to make more money for themselves. Farmers' markets are a win/win situation for all! We, the public, win because we get amazing food and the farmers win because it helps their business out financially.

... read more

The National Arbor Day Foundation: Trees are TERRIFIC!

Who remembers the 80s PSA for the National Arbor Day Foundation that would pop up during Saturday Morning cartoons with an off-key bird singing "trees are terrific?"


plant trees... read more

Boston GreenFest 2009

Attention New Englanders!

Boston GreenFest 2009 is right around the corner.  This year it's from August 21-22 at City Hall Plaza!


Boston GreenFest 2009

It includes entertainment, food, activities for kids, walking tours of Boston, speakers, a film festival, and green workshops!... read more

Green Outdoor Fun, Green Fourth of July Independence Fun

Good morning and hopefully this is the start of your relaxing holiday weekend.    Our fun Friday quick hits is all about the Fourth of July, specifically how you and your family can green your Independence Day celebrations.  Providing tips on how to green your celebrations to news about "green" fireworks and ideas for activities to do this weekend, we at want to give you all the resources necessary to have a sustainable and fun time this weekend.  Take a gander below and enjoy the resources.

Green Fireworks

How to Have a Green 4th of July Party: Associated Content is providing ten tips for an eco-conscious celebration. Some of the tips are obvious, such as providing receptacles for recycling and compost, while others not so much. For example, have you thought about the time of day when your celebration will take place? To conserve electricity, consider having your 4th of July party at a naturally comfortable time of day, like dusk or evening when things have cooled down, rather than in the height of the noon sun.

Organic Veggies!

July Fourth preview: Ice cream social goes green, Compostable material to replace plastic utensils: The Williston Observer of Vermont is reporting on how an annual ice cream social in this small town is going green in their annual ice cream social. Instead of Styrofoam plates and plastic spoons, attendees will eat with compostable utensils and biodegradable bowls. This is all part of the WING Green Initiatives Committee, which meets every two weeks, has sponsored environmental film viewings and other green events.

Green fourth of July Picnic

The Green4th: Now this was quite the find on the internet. An entire site dedicated to Americans greening the environment. I really enjoyed the classic American posters. Stop by and give this site some great traffic and enjoy the varied posts.



'Green' Fireworks For 4th Of July - Can You Get The Same Boom With Less Pollution?: Scientific Blogging has a great article on environmentally friendly fireworks. It discusses alternatives to the usual pyrotechnics, which include potassium perchlorate salts (potassium and ammonium). Perchlorate is a pollutant with unknown effects on people and wildlife. These new type of fireworks keep the explosion and remove the pollutants.


Fourth of July Activities: How stuff works is providing an extensive list on activities that parents can do with their kids. This family friendly fun includes craft ideas such as Red, White, and Blue Bugs and independence themed fingernails.

Red, white and Blue Bugs

Vacation Ideas for Nature Lovers: The National Resource Defense Council has a wonderful resource and article to help with summertime vacations. The resource is a map including over 300 locations in the United States that will be the basis of a lot of family fun. Go to the site and research places to go in your area.

 ... read more

Clean Tech Open

Clean Tech Open

As many of you know, because of comments made on Twitter, I attended an the Clean Tech Open Event in Palo Alto, CA.  Joining me was Mark and his wife Mary.  The event was a showcase for new clean technologies that are commercially viable and progressing in expansion.  To understand what Clean Tech Open is I brought in a description from their website.... read more

Go Green For Mother's Day With Live Flowers

Green Mother's Day Cards

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there and those lucky ladies expecting a bundle of joy (like my lovely wife).  At this time of the year we give gifts to those women who not only made us but cared, groomed, loved, washed and raised us into the folks we are today.  But, let us not forget the big mother, Mother Earth, on this day either.  So, when you give those flowers today to a mother use live flowers instead of those cut.... read more

Earth Day

Earth Day 2009

On April 22, 2009 the world will celebrate Earth Day. This holiday was first created in 1969 by enviormentalist and peace activist John McConnell.  The day was a world-wide celebration to increase awareness of enviormental issues.  Throughout its history Earth Day has done just this.  From over-population concerns in the 1970's to the ozone layer in the 1980's to greenhouse gases currently, Earh Day has been a day informing the world of these impending enviormental catastrophes.... read more

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