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How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations and More on Bridal Dress

The budget for a wedding celebration is based on priorities. The wedding venue is always at the top spot along with the food and drinks, photographer, videographer and decorations. Where is the budget for the bridal dress? It is often down the list of priorities.... read more

Eco-Fashion for Every Occasion

Green is the New Black

We may still be struggling to find a way to power the planet without burning everything in sight, but at least there are a few green companies out there that are succeeding. What’s most annoying about the pollution and exploitation involved in the global fashion trade, apart from the obvious, is that it is all completely avoidable. OK, so a few fat cats may earn a couple of million less at the end of the year, but surely it’d be worth it, even for them? A handful of modern fashion designers believe it is, and they’re shaking things up by creating beautiful products, from recycled and re-purposed materials. Not only are their products ethical, but so too are their manufacturing processes. The cynical amongst you will be thinking, as did I, that this is just another gimmick, a passing trend; “Yeh man, let’s make eco-friendly products. We’ll make a fortune!” And maybe it is, but so what? I don’t really care if these companies are in it just to make money. I only care that they are changing people’s perception of the fashion industry. Removing us away from the throw-away society we’ve been championing for the last five decades. These are the designers and companies that are going to take the world of fashion to the where it should be - ethical, sustainable, and fashionable - and, yes, profitable. Let’s take a look at a few of the leading lights.

People Tree – Everyday, Fairtrade Fashion

These guys were one of the first companies to make the step into fair-trade fashion. They only use fair trade materials and natural dyes, and always source locally. Part of their desire to trade fairly means that they work with some twenty developing countries across the globe. Because of their authentic credentials they’ve been able to team up with uber-cool designers and companies, such as Bora Aksu and many others. If you’re looking for the real deal, you’ve found it.

Their complete range of everyday-casual fashion can be purchased directly from their website. Prices range from £20 - £250... read more

Real Wenge Wood: the New Age Ivory

Every once in a while construction materials from certain, relatively exotic locations become aesthetically and artistically desirable, particularly in the west. In the last few years this seems to have become the case with the African tropical timber known as Wenge.

Wenge is popular probably due to its physical aesthetic, it is an extremely dark, oddly porous wood and it has a distinctive figure with what is known as a partridge pattern. It is often compared to mahogany and ebony and is known by several names including: African Rosewood, Bokonge and Faux Ebony.... read more

What are Certified Organic Cosmetics?

You may have noticed that there is a new trend in makeup and cosmetics - to provide a natural product line option.  The packaging is usually simpler or incorporates green into the label to show that there is something organic about the product.  The bottomline is though, we have yet to see Certified Organic Cosmetics and Makeup because this industry remains highly unregulated.

... read more

Five Common Beauty Product Ingredients to Avoid

You might have heard already and it’s true - beauty products often have some ingredients that you want to avoid putting on your skin.  Growing up I always thought the expensive beauty products were doing something to help my hair and skin.  Now I know that there are quite a few common ingredients that I need to avoid.... read more

What is a paraben? | Parabens in your makeup

Makeup with parabens

I’ve heard this word – paraben - enough times to know that there might be something in my makeup that I don’t want to put on my skin.  To be honest, I have never paid attention to the ingredients in my makeup and I have no idea what parabens are.  I decided to look into this and see what’s the problem with parabens in my makeup.  Here’s what I learned…... read more

Eco-Friendly Shoes: Colourful Grass Footwear

I just wanted to spread the word about a brand of eco-friendly shoes that I recently came across.  

Based in Canada, The Colourful Grass Shoe Company uses green and vegan materials, including hemp, organic cotton, recycled rubber, and coconut shell buttons.  The workers who make the shoes are ethically treated and the company is committed to keeping their carbon footprint low.  ... read more

Chipkos Discount for Keen For Green Readers!


We're pleased to announce that Chipkos is giving a 15% discount to all Keen For Green readers!  When purchasing, just use discount code Keen15.   Coupon code expires on 2/17/12.  ... read more

Green Beauty Tips: How to Choose Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Green beauty products

Today there are more “green” beauty products on the market than ever before – which is great! It gives us a variety of choices (where there used to be few) while sticking to our environmental guns. But not all green beauty products are created equal. Even if the label says “natural,” “eco-friendly” or even “organic,” there are still a few things you should look for. Here's my quick guide for choosing environmentally friendly beauty products:

- Read the labels!! If you don't know what something is or can't pronounce it, it probably isn't very good for you or the environment.... read more

A Greener Prom

'Tis the season for poofy dresses, corsages, and limos.  If you're a teen or the parent of a teen hoping to help reduce the impact of going to prom, here are some tips to help!... read more

  • The Dress:  While it's nice to buy a dress by an eco-friendly fashion line, it's not always economically feasible for the average teenager.  If you want to save some money, consider buying vintage.  You can find lots of really cool dresses that way for a low price...and it lowers your carbon footprint!
  • The Corsage and Boutonniere:  Find a florist who uses locally grown and/or organic flowers.  
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