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Eco-Friendly Wine

making your own wineI'm a big fan of making things from home instead of buying them.  We've been into canning our own marinara sauce and jam and my husband is a homebrewer.  With the whole localvore movement, few things are more local than things you can make yourself.  It's nice to know exactly what goes into what you make (no sulfites, insecticides, etc.)  

Obviously, it has a much lower carbon footprint than buying something that comes from across the country.  Sure, you may love your Napa wines if you live in NYC, but think of how far it has to travel.  (Last year, Liz wrote a great post about wine.  I learned that living on the East Coast, I'm better of buying European wine than wine from California.)... read more

Ben & Jerry's to Drop "All Natural" Label

Last year I wrote about food labels, All Natural vs. Organic.  To get an organic label, the USDA needs to certify it, but food labeled Natural or All Natural means very little.  

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a health advocacy group, contacted Ben & Jerry's saying, "At least 48 out of 53 flavors of Ben & Jerry’s 'All Natural' ice cream and frozen yogurt contain alkalized cocoa, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, or other ingredients that either don’t exist in nature or that have been chemically modified. Calling products with unnatural ingredients 'natural' is a false and misleading use of the term, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest."... read more

Farm to Family: Mark Lilly's "Veggie Bus"

How does one get fresh, local produce to urban areas?  Mark Lilly uses a bus he bought for $3500 off craigslist, dubbed by Richmond, VA locals as "The Veggie Bus."

In 2009, Lilly created Farm to Family.  Farm to Family offers produce from within the community, featuring chemical-free products.  The bus brings the farm to local neighborhoods where residents may not otherwise have access to these fruits and veggies!  Sometimes they'll even bring chickens and rabbits so kids can truly understand how to "know your food."  From lettuce to fresh pasta to bacon, they've got all sorts of locally sourced food.... read more

Annie's Root 4 Kids

I'm a big fan of Annie's Homegrown.  (Gimme mac and cheese, please!)  Annie's recently started a program called Root 4 Kids.  Root 4 Kids hopes to inspire kids and their families to eat real food. 

The website has a virtual garden, games, coloring, and quizzes.  You can take a pledge to inspire kids to dig real food and check out some recipes and other food-related resources.  Schools also have the opportunity to get involved.  ... read more

Green Company Profile: Boloco

Why it's Keen:

Tasty, reasonably priced burritos, wraps, salads, smoothies, shakes, and cookies.  Everything is delicious and they have free wifi.  They have locations throughout New England.  

Why it's Green:

Boloco is a certified green restaurant.  Their "plastic" cups are made of corn and are 100% compostable and their bowls are made of bamboo.  They use LED lighting, low-flow waterheads, and the tabletops and countertops are made from 50 to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and petroleum-free resin, called Paperstone.  

Their ingredients are great, too.  Organic tofu, antibiotic and hormone free meats, humanely raised steaks, and more.  Take a look at their menu.  I'm sure your mouth will water.  ... read more

Knowing Our Food, A Summer CSA Adventure

This summer my family and I purchased a share in a CSA. Shared Bounty CSA, to be specific. The experience has been fabulous in more ways than I could have ever expected. In fact, I have multiple blog posts about them (and my culinary experiments from the summer) just waiting to be written. This week, though, I realized just how fortunate we have been to be part of the Shared Bounty family. 

Shared Bounty CSAShared Bounty CSA... read more

Green Company Profile: To-Go Ware

To-Go Ware

Why Its Keen:

Kelly Farkas of To-Go Ware introduces the company well:

"To-Go Ware provides reusable, non-plastic eating ware, including bamboo utensils, stainless steel food carriers and handcrafted accessories from communities abroad. Giving people some great options to reduce their forkprint while on-the-go. Our mission is to make available innovative products that provide a solution, tell a great story, and are enjoyable to use."


... read more

Start Your Own Gardening Co-op!

homegrown pumpkin

Even though our garden is small, sometimes it's a race against time to eat everything that we grow before it rots. We do try to freeze and can things (we canned our own marinara sauce with homegrown tomatoes for the first time this week -- but that's for another blog post!). If your looking for ways to use all of your homegrown fruits and veggies and try varieties that you don't grow yourself, try a Gardening Co-Op!  Have a "gardening swap" party with your friends an neighbors. 

I love to meet with local gardeners in our neighborhood at the end of the winter, and form a co-op.  Each gardener can plan to grow different things, and then meet a few times a month to swap their fruits and veggies.  This year we had raspberries galore...wouldn't it have been fun for us to share those raspberries and get some, say, blueberries in return?  ... read more

Eating Locally at Restaurants

I'm going to Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts for dinner tonight and I'm pretty excited.  Aside from their tasty beer, they serve food featuring local ingredients.  Their menu changes seasonally.  Looking at their menu right now, I'm thinking about linguini with Wellfleet clams or the local steak served with an onion marmalade made at a nearby farm.

As the knowledge spreads about the importance of eating locally, more and more restaurants are making efforts to serve local food.  Even as part of Boston's restaurant week, you can search by restaurants serving local food.  

Luckily,, (already my one stop shop for finding farmers markets, CSAs, and more) has a function where you can search for restaurants by zip code that serve food made from local ingredients.... read more

The Future

I think teaching kids about "going green" is key to changing our future.  If we start young enough and get kids thinking about the environment around them the future could be brighter for our world.... read more

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