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Doing your laundry the eco-friendly way!

Doing the laundry can use a lot of water and energy, and typical detergents aren't the most eco-friendly thing either.  But there are ways to make your laundry endeavors keener and greener!

Laundry the Green Way... read more

Turning Waste into Purses!

I thoTurning Waste into Purses!ught this was very cool.  TerraCycle, Capri Sun™, and Honest Kids™ are making purses, tote bags, and pencil cases out of used drink pouches!  The TerraCycle, Capri Sun™ and Honest Kids™ Brigade collects drink pouches from individuals and organizations, and for each drink pouch two cents goes to the charity of your choic... read more

Change Your Bulb

As I write for my site by the pale moonlight, I pause and seem to remember the cause.  Save the planet through tech and share with the world the best of the best.  So I looked at the bulb that just burned out and realized what I needed to do without a doubt...other than stopping this rhyming.


go green light bulb - KeenforGreen
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How To Garden Green - With Professionals or On Your Own

So once again we reached the end of the week and hopefully everyone made it through safely and happily.  As the weekend begins many of us involved with the environmental movement are also people with green thumbs.  With this in mind I decided to focus our fun Friday on Gardening.  I hope these links give you some great ideas or help you fill your gardening needs.  Get out there and play in the dirt!.

Green Landscaping Solutions For The Bay Area: CK Management Systems: How many of us want to get rid of those toxic fertilizers but just love the green in our lawn.  What if I told you that there was a solution and it is now available for the regular home owner.  CK Management Solutions provides bay area residents the chance to experience fertigation, organic bio-stimulants through the irrigation system.  Following the link to learn more.

CK Management Systems -

Does Gardening Make for Better Sex?: Could planting annuals help with excitement in the bedroom?  This article, from Chelsea Green, argues yes.  I really can't explain it without going a little red, so just follow the link.  Shucks.

Enjoying Green Grass

How to Go Green: Gardening: Planet Earth is providing a great little guide to some simple 'greening' your garden.  From tips to information to helpful links, this blog has it all.  Go over, take a gander and then search for more hints here at

5 Common Myths About Gardening:
Green Garden breaks down five common myths that people have about sustainable gardening and provides some great answers.  The blog lists some of the benefits also including it gives you time to think, it provides physical activity and physical development and it is outside which helps tune in with nature and is good for health.

The Rain/Rock Garden: Gardening Gone Wild is showing off their beautiful rock garden in this, one in a series of posts.  A great low maintenance alternative to a regular garden for those whose green thumb might be a little bit brown.  Hey, you can't kill the rock!

 ... read more

Local Farmer's Market Tips

Farmers markets are a great way to eat locally!  I love a good farmers market.

Here are some tips for shopping at a farmers market:

1)  Bring your own bags. It's the eco-friendly thing to do, of course! And sometimes they bags they have at farmers markets can be really flimsy.  You wouldn't want them to break and have all of your delicious and local apples roll away, would you?... read more

Turn Green in the Summer Sun, NOT Red: Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Sunscreens


Green Summer Fun

Happy Summer!  Summer is finally here (although the current Bay Are weather doesn't reflect that...), and with summer comes increased time spent in the sun and an increased need to make sure to remember the sunscreen.  Using, I have found the 5 most environmentally friendly and 5 worst sunscreens on the market.  Scores are based on product content and other factors associated with manufacturing (such as polution caused by production and shipping).

 ... read more

Wednesday Quick Hits

Welcome everyone to another beautiful Wednesday.  It is a little gray outside this morning but I am sure some sun is right around the corner.  Today is our blog day, so let's see what other people are writing about.

Free Range Fitness: Julian Cummins wrote a wonderful article over at the greenliving blog about outdoor fitness.  The article gives a lot of green hints about getting in shape by doing some outdoor activity.  She also talks about a company called Green Gyms that manufactures and installs outdoor fitness equipment.  I would suggest checking out the company's website too.  Lots of cool things there for fitness buffs, like myself.

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts Power Biodiesel Engines:  Fun article from the Environmental Age about those packaging peanuts that come with so many shipped items.  Scientists have discovered that adding Styrofoam packaging peanuts to biodiesel they can increase the power output of the fuel while getting rid of unsightly Styrofoam bits from ebay shipments worldwide.  Finally, a good re-use for these items.

An Angry Anti-Treehugger Speaks OutThe Green Girls put up this piece concerning the predicted 'green' bubble in the market and its eventual popping.  It is a bit of an editorial post but gives some food for thought.

Green Alliance Green CardLiving the Local Life is showing a great new product for those in New Hampshire and something that can be replicated in communities all across the company to support local growers and producers.  The Green Alliance card is a membership card that gives you up to 35% off items at local shops and merchants that join the Green Alliance.  What a smart idea to get repeat customer and help grow local markets.

Getting started - The green & frugal kitchen: The Green Rainbow gives a great guide on how to green your kitchen.  I like the way this blogger writes, a loose style that is quite endearing.  Not an image heavy site, but some great pieces.

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes & Pesky Bugs

Basil repels mosquitoes

Anyone who lives somewhere with hot, muggy summers knows how mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise lovely hot summer evening.  How many times have you been sitting in the backyard swatting and scratching because of those pesky skeeters?

There are many ways to repel mosquitoes without having to even use bug spray!  ... read more

Take the Toilet Paper Challenge: “Can You Spare a Square?”

Take the Toilet Paper Challenge: “Can You Spare a Square?”

In the 1990’s sitcom, Seinfeld, character Elaine Benes asks this question to her neighbor in a public restroom, and is outraged when her neighbor refuses to share. I was similarly stunned when I recently learned that in the year 2008, the US consumed approximately 7,170,261,504 rolls of toilet paper! That’s approximately 7,026,856 trees used to manufacture toilet paper alone and is significantly more than any other country in the world. Further more, Americans are demanding the crème-de-la-crème, softer-than-soft varieties which cannot be made from recycled paper. The negative impact this is having on our environment is clear, and for this reason, I beg of you, Can you spare a square??... read more

Bamboo Floors: A sustainable flooring solution?

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest-growing plant ON THE PLANET??  That's a pretty impressive title to hold.   It can grow as much as 47 inches a day! Wow!! Because of the rate that it grows, it's more sustainable than tree products. Bamboo can restore itself for use in only 5 years and it uses much less energy to harvest and than most other types of wood.

There's so much that you can use bamboo for.  Bamboo shoots often make appearances in Asian cuisine, such as in Thai curries or dim sum.  (YUM!)  Clothes and shoes can be made from bamboo. has a great article listing all sorts of uses for bamboo...even instruments, toys, and bicycles can be made using bamboo.

Bamboo has recently gained popularity for use in wood flooring.  We recently replaced our icky old carpet with fantastic new bamboo floor:

... read more

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