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Clean Tech Open Gala Awards

I was fortunate enough to attend the CleanTech Open this week in San Francisco.   The  CleanTech Open is a business plan competition in the Green sector and they provide mentoring and  significant funding (and media and VC attention) to Green start-ups.   These were their Academy Awards at the beautiful Masonic.   I particularly enjoyed the variety, creativity and potential of the finalists  and imagine  there are many great ideas that didn't make it to the finals.  This gave me a lot to write about and even one product to lust about.  I want one of these 3 wheeled vehicles which will get 100 mpg and bends into a turn like a motorcycle (from Green Lite Motors).... read more

Green Lite Motors

Natural Gas Could Be Replacement For Gas

The Oil Drum has an incredible article about just how much natural gas does the nation need to become energy independent.  Why ask this question?  Recently a Potential Gas Committee report states that natural gas reserves in 2008 rose to 2,074 trillion cubic feet.  This 35% increase in the estimated amount of natural gas could lay the foundation of nearly another 100 years of natural gas.  Why is this important?  Natural gas releases much less carbon into the atmosphere than coal or oil.  Also natural gas engines are much more efficient than either gas or oil, but usually more expensive.
The author, Robert Rapier, presents specific calculations on the comparative costs between natural gas and oil.  Natural gas is a bargain at $4 per million (MM) BTU to oil's current $12.24/MMBTU.  Also note that this is at $71 a barrel, not the $100 plus price we saw for oil last summer.  So why doesn't everyone just convert?... read more

AT&T Switching to Renewable Vehicles

AT&T recently announced a new initiative to create a fleet of new vehicles powered by alternative fuels.  The goal of AT&T is to add 15,000 new vehicles powered by hydrogen, electricity and natural gas over the next ten years.  The project is estimated to cost the large telecommunications company approximately $565 million.... read more

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