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Solar Power

How to Look for Affordable Solar Panels?

Most solar energy panels nowadays are very expensive.  And though buying one is an investment, there are still lots of people who cannot afford it and have no other choice but to continue with the old school way of acquiring electricity.  At least, this is the case for those who are not aware that there are already several ways in getting affordable ones.

Effective Ways in Finding Affordable Solar Panels for your House

As there are already many companies that manufacture solar energy panels, the increase of competition in the market prods them to lower down their prices, thus increasing the consumers’ ability to purchase their products.  But, even though the price is already much lesser compared to before; some people still find it difficult to look for cheaper ones.
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10 Tips to Becoming an Eco-Warrior in Your Home

Fossil fuels and electricity are currently at an all-time high and as a consequence homeowners are becoming far more environmentally friendly. There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption whilst gaining maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Not only is it healthy for the environment, it is also healthy for your wallet and bank balance.... read more

Solar Power Is Free And Plentiful

Solar InstallationEnergy costs are at record highs, and they continue to rise. Solar power is more efficient than ever and is a free way for homeowners to meet their electricity needs. It took years for the systems to become as advanced as they currently are. It is now possible for today’s consumers to meet all of their energy needs from the sun.... read more

How to Choose What Solar Panel Kilowatt

solar panelsToday we have a guest blog post from Infinity Solar about how to figure out which solar power kilowatt is right for you.


When looking at solar power systems, it is very important that you consider the kilowatt. You need to figure out what kilowatt you need to get in order to make sure that you are getting the most out of your solar panel system. There are a few different things that you can do in order to determine the correct solar panel kilowatt.... read more

Sunrun Solar Power

We recently got in touch with the good people over at Sunrun and learned a bit more about their company and solar power.  Learn a bit about Sunrun:


Most Americans think home solar power is still too expensive, but the truth is they can now switch to solar without owning the panels and start saving money on their electric bills. An innovative business model called solar power service brings solar to more homeowners than ever before and removes the high upfront costs.... read more

A New Green Home in Newton, Massachusetts

I recently had the opportunity to view the construction of a sustainable house being built in my neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts.  The home was designed by LDa Architecture and Interiors, based out of Cambridge, MA.  

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Solar paint instead of panels?

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have recently developed a solar paint.  The thought is that this paint could eventually replace solar panels, making solar energy far more affordable.  

The paint is made of "quantum dots" and it can be painted on any surface to produce power from the sun.  The little dots are semiconducting crystals which are 2-10 nanometers in diameter.  They're mixed into dye and it actually looks like normal paint!

Here's how they did it:  The scientists at the University of Notre Dame used nano-sized particles of titanium oxide and then covered them in cadmium sulphide or cadmium selenide.  They made a paste by putting the particles into a mixture of water and alcohol.  When the entire mixture was put on a conducting material and light was shone on it, the electricity was generated from it.  ... read more

How we can use alternative energy more frequently

Today we have another guest blog post from Hasic M, who previously wrote the helpful guest blog post:  How To Recycle Mattresses.  This blog post discusses different types of alternative energy and how we can use them.


The world as we know it cannot continue on as it is, simply because we are constantly damaging the environment more and more every day. The amount of waste generated by mankind is causing the Earth to deteriorate, as well as the pollution leaked into the atmosphere. One major concern is the amount of fossil fuels that we are using on a daily basis, which is why it is vital that we all do our part to use alternative energy more frequently.

There are many ways that we can all use alternative energy more frequently, and you will find that you can do your part to change the world one day at a time by using more alternative energy. Here are some of the main sources of alternative energy, as well as ways that you can use them more frequently in your life:... read more

The Debate Over California's Solar Energy Policy

California Solar Policy

In July, California Governor Jerry Brown, announced a plan to increase the state's renewable energy to a 12-gigawatt by 2020, by relying on “tens of thousands of little decisions” by residents and business owners. Brown cited the cost of routing large-scale energy farms in remote areas as a reason for focusing on smaller projects. He also cited the delays in previous large-scale desert projects due to litigation over natural resources, native animals, and Native American sites.

However, a recent article from points out several concerns with this plan, based on simple cost-benefit analysis:

-Individuals (such as homeowners and small businesses) do not make decisions based on what is “socially optimal”... read more

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