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Universal Studios - Green Seal Award

Universal Studios, HollywoodUniversal Studios, Hollywood

Universal Studios in Hollywood was recently honored with the EMA Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal Award. The award is the first-ever given to a theme park for its commitment and effort in working towards a more environmentally conscious workplace and community.

I recently toured the theme park to witness their ‘greening’ efforts as a casual visitor.... read more

Green Book Review: The Blue Economy, by Gunter Pauli

The Blue Economy, 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs is a phenomenal book I have been reading lately by Gunter Pauli, founder of Ecover, and The Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives organization. The philosophy behind the book is the recognition and emulation of the interconnectedness of the five kingdoms of nature. Pauli presents an alternative economic system where human processes are modeled after natural systems, and work with nature, rather than against her. ... read more

What's Greener: Flying or Driving?

A few months ago, we were planning to go from Boston to Washington DC.  We had to make the choice:  drive or fly?  Flying was clearly the quicker choice, but what about the eco-friendliness of it?

After some research, driving was the greener choice for us.  If you drive a car that gets over 25 miles per gallon, driving generates fewer greenhouse gases than on a plane.  We drive a hybrid, so there was no question about what was the more environmentally-friendly choice.  So off we drove, from Boston to DC!

On TheDailyGreen, it says that flying from San Francisco to Boston would generate roughly 1,300 kilograms of greenhouse gases per passenger one way, as opposed to driving, which would account for only 930 kilograms per vehicle.  Of course, driving cross country isn't usually doable, but for shorter distances (i.e, San Francisco to LA or Boston to Philadelphia) it makes more sense to drive.  Grist also says that short-haul flights are particularly bad because take-off and landing use the most fuel in a flight.... read more

Hybrid Cabs in Boston

Last year, the City of Boston ordered that all cabs must be converted to hybrids by 2015.  However, last April, taxi drivers sued the city over this and today the judge ruled that Boston cannot force cabbies to buy hybrids.

Currently, most of the taxis are refurbished police cars (mostly Crown Victorias) and cab owners are required to keep all cabs in their fleet under 6 years old.  The taxi drivers said that this ordinance could put them out of business and that they aren't against ultimately greening the fleet.

... read more

New Hybrid vs. Used Car: What's Better for the Environment?

When you're in the market for a car, what's the most eco-friendly option?  Buy a new fuel-efficient car, such as a hybrid, or buy something used?... read more

Bike Sharing in Boston

Bike Sharing in BostonThe city of Boston is hoping to launch a bike sharing program in 2010.... read more

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