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Green Your Business: Cloud Virtual Offices Provides Solutions to Clean Up Your Carbon Footprint (and make employees happy, too)

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What is a virtual office?

Many small businesses and large companies alike are turning to “virtual offices” and professional business centers in order to meet ever changing demands. A virtual office, such as those offered by Cloud Virtual Offices, is “a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism." A professional business center often provides business space and services on as as-needed basis.

Cloud Virtual Offices - Why They're Green:

The largest way virtual offices and professional business centers decrease carbon emissions is by reducing the commute distance (and thus driving) for employees. Instead of driving to a main campus daily, one or several employees can drive to a local location. Or in the case of the purely virtual office, the commute is eliminated all together but the business can retain a professional location address.

Moreover, virtual offices and business centers save money and energy use on unused office space. Most office buildings are 60% unused – yet they are still supplied with electricity (think about your office for a moment). Imagine how much energy you would conserve if you were only powering the space you were using?

Virtual offices are ideal for small businesses who want to target larger geographic areas without the cost (and energy consumption) associated with a traditional business office.

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Why They're Keen:

We love all businesses that engage sustainable “Triple Bottom Line” practices. Today's successful businesses demonstrate to the community that they define success as more than big profits. Successful companies must also show that they are contributing to social good, including green/sustainable environmental responsibility.

Employees love the concept because it provides them with flexibility and less commute (ugh, no more 2 hour drive home). They can live some place more affordable or closer to family without sacrificing their career.

And, as for your financial bottom line? You are only paying for what you need. Whether it is a single office space, a large executive office, a receptionist to answer your calls. Only paying for what you use undoubtedly saves you money.