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Use Non-Toxic Paints

Sometimes I think back on the lifetime before adulthood, before college, before high school, before grade school and I remember colors.  Vibrants colors of greens, reds and purples mixed together on butcher paper as my young imagination explodes with dinosaurs, turtles and mutants.  But were those paints I dipped my young fingers in possibly poisoning the earth and my health.



Toxic paints contain either lead or VOCs.  Lead based paints have long been banned in the United States because of health and environmental concerns, but many other countries still use them.  These paints sometimes can show up on the shelves of our stores by slipping through the borders.

VOCs are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere.  These toxins have both short and long term health consequences

To remedy this situation parents need to make sure the paints used by their children with fingers and brushes contain no VOC or lead based paints. Most labels on these paints promote their non-toxic, no VOC mixture so it is easy for parents to help their kids be creative with a safe mind.