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Don't Use Synthetic Air Freshners

Yuck!  What is that chemical smell?  Well, it is the blueberry and cinnamon air freshener sprayed in the bathroom.  These synthetic smells may help cover up nasty odors but the dangers inherent in them should give everyone pause.  So....



Synthetic air fresheners cause both harm the people who use them and the environment at the same time.  For example, a University of Bristol study called “Children of the ’90s” noted that in homes that used air fresheners on a daily basis 32 percent more babies suffered diarrhea, 10 percent more children suffered headaches and 26 percent of women had an increased risk of depression.  Air Fresheners also cause dramatic harm to the environment by eating away at the ozone layer and releasing toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, organic acids, other oxygenated intermediates, acetaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, secondary organic aerosol, hydroxyl radicals and other ultra fine pollutant particles.

What should you do then to stop these awful odors?  Well, for one you can clean the area and open windows to allow fresh air into the space.  Try using more plants in the home, especially flowering, and boiling green tea.  Try organic candles or burning oils.  What about boiling cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger, or herbs in water on the stove top?  These are just a few suggestions to get away from using these terrible synthetics.  Does the community have any other suggestions.