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A Community of Green Bloggers & Activists

About Keen For Green

KeenForGreen (K4G) is a community-based green living/ cleantech communication hub for those interested in issues of environmental sustainability.  Our mission is to bring information related to the environmental sustainability movement into community discussions through grassroots social media. K4G provides a place to:

  • connect and share views with like-minded individuals through blogging;
  • learn about new technologies, products, and companies;
  • discuss current events which impact the environment; and
  • find articles, discussions and job listings related to the sustainability movement

Areas of discussion include: Green Family & Home, GreenTech/CleanTech, Environmental Business & Careers, Renewable Energy, Green Communities & Activists, and Green Product Reviews.

At KeenForGreen we partner with companies, such as solar and other renewable energy companies in order to connect them with local communities.  We provide tools to help consumers interested in furthering their participation in the environmental movement by connecting them with local resources. 


Our Team:

  Kristine Munroe-Mahoney, Community Manager - Krissy manages social media, particularly building the community using Facebook.  Additionally, she manages the bloggers on KeenForGreen.   Her KeenForGreen blog focuses on green living, green baby/toddler, and product reviews.  Contact her at [email protected]
  Michelle Fitzpatrick, Business Development - Michelle is responsible for building KeenForGreen relationships with private environmental companies and non-proft community organizations. Her goals is to create tools which help consumers reach their environmental goals. Michelle's blog focuses on renewable energy, cleantech/ sustainable business, and the green economy.  Contact her at [email protected]

Bloggers: KeenForGreen has a large team of bloggers who share information and perspectives on a range of environmental issues.  The opinions of our individual bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of  

K4G wants you!

If you have a green website, initiative, startup or product - let us know!

We also want bloggers.  Blogging on K4G is a great way to have a say in the the green movement and make your presence known.  We are interested in all who want to blog.    Sign up for a blog or contact us to discuss your particular interests that you would like to cover.