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Stop Using Chemical Baby Wipes

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With a new baby in the house I not only realize that babies scream alot but also that so many chemicals are used in the care of babies.  Specifically, I was amazed at what we put on out baby's bottom to clean it with store bought wipes.  I talke about this with nurses and doctors at the hospital I visisted and they unanimously suggested to only use those things as last resort.  Instead...


Stop Using Chemical Baby Wipes

Simply wet a recycled one-ply paper towel with warm water and it does the trick perfectly.  Use a dry paper towel to finish the cleaning.  A great way to reduce your use of packaging and chemicals in one-shot.  If this is too harsh for your baby's bottom try this nifty homemade baby wipe recipe from which uses only baby oil, baby wash, water and paper towels.



Baby Wipes

Great information!!  That wasn't something I had even thought about until a a month ago.  I think when I'm at home I'm going to use rewashable baby wipes.  I hear they're even better at cleaning all the nooks and crannies of a sticky mess than store bought baby wipes.