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Palo Alto Solar: Costs, Benefits, & Facts

Palo Alto Solar Downtown

Palo Alto, CA is one of the best places for “going solar” in the country. The sun is plentiful many months out of the year, and even during the “rainy” season, significant amount of sunlight reaches the Earth.

Here are some frequently asked questions about solar energy and solar panel installation in Palo Alto:

What is solar energy? Simply put, solar energy is harnessing the sun's energy for practical use. Passive solar energy is capturing solar output without the use of mechanical devices – such as using southerly windows to. Active solar energy uses man-made devices to convert the sun's heat into useable energy. This either turns the sun's heat into another form of heat (such as solar thermal water heaters and solar space heaters) or by turning the sun's heat into electricity to power other devices (through solar panels or other equipment).

How do Palo Alto residents benefit from solar panel installation? There are two main reasons people choose to install solar energy systems in their home: financial savings and environmental awareness. Palo Alto residents have seen record increases in electricity rates from PG&E over the past decade, and rates are likely to continue to rise. Because of the amount of sun Palo Alto receives, solar panels pay for themselves quickly and after 5-7 years begin to produce “free” electricity, decreasing both the carbon footprint and energy bill of the owner.

How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves? On average 5-8 years depending on the size of your system and your energy use. Between state and federal tax incentives, you can save about 35-50% of your total up-front cost. After the initial 5-8 years, you will receive free electricity for the lifespan of your panels (which for most California solar panels is about 25 years). Additionally, $20 of value is added to your house for every $1 that you reduce your annual utility bills.

Will my Palo Alto property taxes go up? Nope. California state law mandates that the value of your solar energy system not be calculated into property taxes.

What is the life expectancy of my PV system? Most manufacturers offer warranties on their solar panels for 20-25 years.

How can I track how much energy my system is producing? New, use easy-to-read meters allow you to see how much energy you are producing in any given moment.  Most meters will even connect with a website or your computer to allow you to see how much energy each individual panel is producing at any given moment, as well as track production over time.

Solar Panel Installers in Palo Alto, California

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