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Pleasanton, California Solar Panel Installation

Pleasanton, California is the perfect place for photovoltaic solar panel installation. The weather is sunny and mild, producing maximum solar electricity. In addition, California offers several financial incentives which make solar panel installation much more affordable.

Solar Panel Installation Incentives in Pleasanton: While the initial cost of solar installation can seem a bit steep, Pleasanton residents are eligible for three different rebates program: federal, state, and the city of Pleasanton’s $1,000 rebateThe California Solar Initiative has a number of incentives for installing PV solar panels, including a cash rebate per watt of panel installed. The rebate ranges from $1.10-$1.80/watt (the average home system is 2-6 kilowatts in size, so the rebate really adds up). Low-income homes and multi-resident properties are eligible for additional installation incentives. Pleasanton residents are also eligible for the federal tax credit of up to 30% of the total installation cost.

Pleasanton, CA Solar Installation Costs: The cost of your solar installation will vary depending on the size of the system, the panels used, and construction costs. An average 4 bedroom home will required a 3-4 kilowatt (kW) system. After your rebates you can expect a total of approximately $13-16,000. Most solar systems are expected to pay for themselves in 5-7 years. Since the panels themselves are usually warranties for 20-25 years, this gives you 15-20 years of free electricity.  If you’re interested in going solar but the initial out-of-pocket is more than you can handle, consider a solar lease, solar loan, or a Power Purchase Agreement, all of which minimize the initial investment while providing the long term benefits of solar energy.

Pleasanton, CA Solar Installation Companies:

Bay Area Solar Solutions - 6700 Santa Rita Rd, Suite E, Pleasanton, CA 94588 - (888) 888-0711

Bay Area Solar Solutions is located in the heart of Pleasanton, and understands how to design the best system for the homes in the area.  Service is professional and personal. The team will go through a variety of solutions to help you discover what is best for your home and family.

Pacific Solar Energy - 5729 Sonoma Drive, Suite E, Pleasanton, CA 94566 - (925) 218-8969

Pacific Solar is owned and operated by David Pascualy and known for professional service at competitive prices.  Customers love supporting the Pleasanton economy and staying local for their local projects.

Eagle Shield Solar - 1279 Quarry Ln, Suite C, Pleasanton, CA 94566 - (800) 883-2453

Eagle Shield provides general contracting throughout the Pleasanton/Livermore Valley.  They are known for high quality projects.

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