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Broody Chick Every Body Lotion

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Broody Chick Every Body Lotion
Broody Chick
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REALLY effective lotion
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No SLS, full ingredient lists are are available
Great lotion, but SO expensive...
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broody chick lotion

I've been using Broody Chick's Every Body Lotion here and there, and I liked it.  It made my hands feel nice and it smells good, too.  It has a very natural, pleasant scent.   It also is SLS-free and discloses all of its ingredients.  

I didn't realize quite how good this lotion was until the other day, however.  My 15-month old son had some very dry patches on his legs.  I generously slathered this lotion on his legs before bed and by the following morning the dry patches were completely gone.   It was like a miracle lotion.  

The downside is that this lotion is really expensive.  I've seen it retail for about $14, which is more expensive than most lotions I even find at Whole Foods.  It's a great lotion but I'll be using it sparingly, for such situations as the severely dry patches of skin.  

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