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Broody Chick WonderBalm

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Broody Chick WonderBalm
Broody Chick
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An excellent green alternative to Vaseline
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Chemical-free, petroleum jelly free
A bit expensive but a little goes a long way!
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First came the cold.  Sniffs and Snuffles, Broody Chick's all natural answer to Vicks Vaporub to the rescue!  Later, that icky under-the-nostril rash followed.   The rash along with the typical wintry chapped lips I always get made me try out this WonderBalm.

It's basically an alternative to petroleum jelly.  I used it under my nose and on my chapped lips and it worked just as well as Vaseline.  I think it will also be great for my one year old in case his skin gets chapped this winter.

It's pretty smooth to apply and it also has a nice, clean-smelling scent that contains lavender and chamomile .  It's made from natural oils, natural waxes, and contains Vitamin E.   

It's a little expensive, but you really don't need a lot of it with each use.  Just a little bit will help moisturize.  

Hopefully this and the Sniffs and Snuffles will get me through the rest  of the cold season!

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