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Everyday Shea - Shea Butter Bubble Bath

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Everyday Shea - Shea Butter Bubble Bath
Everyday Shea
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Lots of bubbly fun!
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Natural ingredients
The most inexpensive bubble bath I found at Whole Foods
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I use this for almost all of my son's baths now and we absolutely love it.  It gets super bubbly without having to use too much, it smells great (we have been using the calming lemon-lavender scent), and it keeps my son's sensitive skin nice and soft.  

I stumbled upon this after looking for a less expensive green alternative to California Baby's Bubble Bath, which I really like but it's just so expensive.  I noticed this huge bottle ($13.99 for 32 oz vs. California Baby's $10.99 for 13 oz.) and grabbed it immediately.  I was already a fan of Everyday Shea's shampoos, so I couldn't wait to use this.

There's a full ingredient disclosure here.   I like the bigger bottles that they have, too, because it's a lot less wasteful than frequently using smaller bottles.   And all of Everyday Shea's products are fair trade.  

Part of your purchase also goes towards an excellent cause that you can feel good about supporting:   "This bubble bath supports the Alaffia Healthy Baby Program, which provides nutrition and health care for babies in central Togo during their critical first 18 months in an effort to reduce child mortality and malnutrition rates."  

Everyday Shea is a really good company to support and their products are top notch.  Their bubble bath is sure to become a staple in your home, especially if you have kids.  

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