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Fair Trade T-Shirt Review: Green 3 USA-Made Tee

Product Name: 
Floral Organic USA-Made Tee
Green 3 for Fair Indigo
Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
A cute, soft shirt that washes very well.
Greenness Rating: 
It's made 100% in the USA.
At $34.95, it is a bit more than what you might get at your local megastore. But it washes well and will last a long time.
Overall Rating: 

Fair Trade T-Shirt is a clothing and gift store dedicated to organic and fair trade production.  They carry several products from their own brand, as well as others, such as this Green3 Apparel super-soft T-shirt. 

The shirt is 100% cotton and 100% USA Made. They are knitted, printed, and sewn in their Wendell, North Carolina plant, which is completely solar-and-wind-powered. 

The golden top is softer and thicker than most T-shirts out there; the design is subtle and simple.  Best of all, after several washes it does not lose its shape or color.  At first glance, the price may seem a bit more than you are used to spending on a t-shirt - but if you consider that you are supporting local USA economy and decreasing CO2 emissions associated with importing products from out of the country, it actually seems quite reasonable.  While it is not cheap, it is a great value because it is so well made. 

Disclosure: I received a free t-shirt from Fair Indigo for this review.

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