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Good Earth Beauty's Bentonite Clay Detox

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Good Earth Beauty's Bentonite Clay Detox
Good Earth Beauty
Review Summary
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Smells great and moisturizes, too!
Greenness Rating: 
Non-toxic ingredients, soap comes cardboard recyclable box.
Pricier than other soaps, but high quality soap in eco-friendly packaging
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good earth beauty soapMy whole family really loves this soap!  It has a mild, fresh, smell, instead of being overly fragrant.   The essential oils include avender, litsea, and patchouli, making for a really pleasant and clean smell.

The soap isn't drying and does a good job moisturizing - even during winter months where my skin usually gets dry.  The bentonite clay is detoxing and great for you skin!

Another thing I love is that the soap comes in a cardboard box.  No plastic or mixed paper/plastic-blend wrappers that you can't recycle.  A lot of times when I buy green products, even if the product itself is green, the packaging isn't, making me less likely to purchase again.

At $6.25 a bar, this soap is a little more costly than other soaps but it's a really great, green product.  



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