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Green Kid Crafts

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Green Kid Crafts
Green Kid Crafts
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Monthly craft boxes delivered right to you!
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Sustainable craft materials
$19.95 for a box of at least 3 crafts with most of the materials
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I'm really excited to be reviewing a craft box from Green Kid Crafts!  And, I'm even more excited to let everyone know that next week we'll be doing an awesome giveaway where one lucky reader will win a craft box!  Yay!  (Stay tuned for that!)

These craft boxes are awesome.  You pay $19.95 a month, and the box comes with at least crafts with directions and materials.  The materials come from local businesses who would otherwise throw them out and the packaging comes from Green Earth Office Supply.  

The projects can be modified for pretty much any age group.   My son is only 2 1/2, so we kept the crafts very basic.  I did the cutting, he did the drawing and gluing.  Older kids can do the same crafts but in a more sophisticated way.   Even adults will have fun with these crafts.   I admit, I almost didn't want to share the wind chime kit with my tot.  ;-)  

So far we did the pirate kit and he had a blast making his pirate hat.  He's a big fan of pirates!

I love that the craft items are all sustainable.  It makes doing the crafts even more fun.  The boxes also include other green craft ideas that you can make with items in your own home.

Come back next week for when we team up with Green Kid Crafts for a fantastic giveaway!

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