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green start™ children's books: "Little Helpers"

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green start™ children's books: "Little Helpers"
Innovative Kids
Review Summary
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Adorable, durable kids books with cute illustrations
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Made of 98% recycled materials, a "green" message, environmentally themed activities at the end
A little more expensive than similarly sized books, but worth it
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When I saw these books at the toy store, I couldn't resist buying one.  First off, they're made of 98% recycled materials.  They're also more durable than most kids books.  Not as durable as a traditional board book, but far more durable than a regular paper book.  I can actually read this to my 9 month old without worrying that within the blink of an eye he'll destroy the pages.

The illustrations are adorable and the "Little Helpers" book has a really cute green theme and teaches kids about the environment in a fun and accessible way.  At the end of the story, there are some eco-friendly activities, such as making a craft with recycled materials. 

At $6.99, it's maybe a dollar or two more than the other books in that part of the toy store, but it's totally worth it.

When I got home, I visited the Innovative Kids website and found that they have lots of other books, toys, puzzles, and more. 

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