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Litter-Free Lunch Kit

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Litter-Free Lunch Kit
New Wave Enviro
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All you need for a waste-free lunch
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Reduces waste with reusable containers
Good deal, especially because it comes with 4 food containers and a beverage bottle
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My family loves the Litter Free Lunch Kit by New Wave Enviro Products.  For just over  twenty dollars, you get an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, two small snack containers, one medium-sized container, and a larger container which is good for sandwiches, small salads, etc.    It's great for packing a school lunch for kids, a work lunch for adults, or just a picnic for an afternoon at the park!   The bottle can also be filled with ice and used as an ice pack.  

Even though the containers aren't as eco-friendly as glass or stainless steel food containers, they are BPA-free, durable, and reusable.  They're far more affordable than stainless steel and much more sturdy than glass.  I know I wouldn't want to send my young son to school with food in class containers..  These particular containers are sturdier than most inexpensive plastic containers (i.e. Gladware) and they don't have that awful plasticky smell that some plastic containers have.

Help your kid go green is by sending them to school with a waste-free lunch.  All you need is a cloth napkin and reusable utensils - this lunch kit has everything else.

And guess what?  We will be giving away one of these lunch kits NEXT WEEK as a Back to School giveaway!!  Enter to win a fun, stylish, and sustainable lunch box so your kids can return to school with the environment in mind.  

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