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Litter Free Lunch by New Wave Enviro

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Litter Free Lunch by New Wave Enviro
New Wave Enviro
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I'm very excited to be reviewing the Litter Free Lunch products from New Wave Enviro.  

I'm a big proponent of the waste-free lunch.  Whenever possible, it's important to avoid anything that's single use - Ziplocs, snack baggies, brown paper bags, juice boxes, soda cans, water get the picture.  This Litter Free Lunch kit can help.  Here's what it comes with:

Bamboo Rayon Lunch Bag - This is a great lunch bag.  It's 
super soft, but it's also incredibly durable.  It comes with a small strap, which I like for hanging the bag around my wrist for when my hands are full.  

Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Reusable water bottle, BPA-free, and easy to clean.  Percentage of the proceeds are donated to Pandas International.

Stainless Steel Food Container- Sturdy, plastic-free, and spacious.  Great for a sandwich, salad, you name it. 

 I will warn you, theseproducts aren't cheap.  But if you're using them to better your lunch habits, it will pay for itself since you won't need to buy plastic baggies or bottles of water or juice.  They will also last you much longer than some of the cheaper alternatives.  Plastic (even BPA-free) tends to deteriorate in quality after a while and glass containers are more fragile, making them less attractive choices for kids.  

But, guess what?  We will be giving away this lunch kit in our EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!  The giveaway will start tomorrow, so stay tuned for your chance to win! 

Bamboo Lunch BagBamboo Lunch BagStainless Steel Water BottleStainless Steel Water BottleStainless Steel Food ContainerStainless Steel Food Container


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