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Method Cucumber All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

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Method Cucumber All-Purpose Spray Cleaner
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Moderately effective, but the scent is overpowering and artificial smelling
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Not as green as they make themselves seem
More expensive than similar products (i.e., Seventh Generation)
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Method products have sleek packaging and branding and they're available almost everywhere these days, touting themselves as an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning products.  They're extremely popular, too.  Unfortunately, don't count me among the people who love Method.  After trying their cucumber all-purpose spray, I was not impressed.

I couldn't stand the smell.  It was overpowering and awfully artificial smelling for a "natural" product.  It was effective enough, but I just couldn't get past the smell.  

While it is biodegradable and nontoxic, when putting the brand into the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database, the results were less than impressive.  See the results here.   (This website is an excellent resource, by the way)

I'm not sure what the other scents smell like and if I'd like them more, but I'm not too eager to try them out.  When all else fails, I'll stick with baking soda, vinegar, castile soap.  (Dr. Bronner's yummy smelling almond hemp castile soap scores well the EWG Cosmetic Safety Database)  

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No Method Cucumber for me, but Pink Grapefruit YES!


Is it me or does the Method Cucumber smell like old Nair hair remover? First thing I thought of. I do, however , LOVE the entire Pink Grapefruit line though. All in all I think they do good products. 

Method Grapefruit Scent


I just had to add something to this post.  I was recently at a relative's house and they had Method Grapefruit-scented dish soap.  It didn't make me gag like the cucumber and it was much less artificial and overpowering.  I still prefer brands like Seventh Generation and Trader Joe's for dish soap, though.  

I would also add borax to the


I would also add borax to the list of cleaning agents I like to stick to. The stuff is amazing, all natural, and multi-purpose. Along with vingar, tea tree oil, and baking soda, it is the one cleaning product I cannot live without.

As far as Method goes, I absolutely adore their toilet bowl cleaner and hand/dish soaps, but I'm a 7th Gen girl for store-bought all-purpose cleaner.

I also like 7th Gen all

I also like 7th Gen all purpose cleaner.  I also use their dish soap.  I like that they have so many unscented options.  

You know, I've never used borax.  I remember my mom using it when I was little.  I'll have to start incorporating it into my homemade cleaner recipes.