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Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Detergent

Product Name: 
Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Detergent
Seventh Generation
Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Not effective for very soiled laundry
Greenness Rating: 
Non-toxic, biodegradable, fragrance-free
Priced similarly to the non-green baby detergent brand, Dreft
Overall Rating: 

It pains me to write this review, as I usually adore Seventh Generation products.  However, this detergent just didn't work for us.  With dirty bibs, cloth diapers, poop that leaks on to onesies, and mushy carrots smeared on my 11 month's old clothes, this simply didn't cut it.  

A lot of the clothes from the loads of laundry we did with this detergent didn't really come out clean enough.  Some stuff was left on them and then got caked on in the dryer.  We usually don't have this problem with other store-bought OR homemade detergents.

It's also fragrance-free which I think lots of people like, but honestly, I like a clean laundry smell and these clothes didn't come out smelling like that.

On the flip side, there's no doubt that this product is green.  Non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free, and you can read the full ingredient list on their website.  

The price is also pretty good...similar to other baby laundry products.

Maybe this detergent is better for newborns who don't make too much of a mess and it would also work good for washing new clothes given to you before your baby is born.  It seems to be too gentle for older, messy babies/toddlers. 

Sorry, Seventh Gen...I still love ya, though. 

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