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Smart Deodorant - Natural deodorant that actually works!

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Smart Deodorant
Smart Deodorant
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Organic deodorant that works better than most!
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Organic and comes in a glass jar.
Cheaper than most traditional deodorants.
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I have tried so many types of natural deodorant.   Usually they'd wear off a few hours later.  I came to the conclusion that natural deodorants were simply no match for my BO, and I'd go off to CVS to buy Secret Clinical Strength.  

I was hopeful (albeit skeptical due to my track record) that Smart Deodorant would be different.

When I received the deodorant in the mail, I immediately noticed that it was not like other natural deodorants.  Instead of it coming in a difficult-to-recycle plastic applicator, it comes in recycled baby food jars.  I thought this was genius.  

The deodorant itself works much better than any other natural deodorant I've tried, i.e., Tom's of Maine.  I did have to reapply later in the day, but only once.  The ingredients are simple and organic.  There are essential oils, baking soda, organic corn starch, and organic coconut oil.  The scented ones smell really good...not overpowering or artificial like that Secret Clinical Strength I usually get.

I do find it a little bit difficult to apply.  It's hard to get your hand in the little baby food jar.  When buying the deodorant, however, they have instructions on how to put it in a previously used plastic deodorant applicator.  I might try that.

Lastly, the price is good.  3 jars are $12-$14!

Right now you can only buy their deodorant through their Facebook page.  Check it out!

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