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Tom's of Maine Deodorant

Product Name: 
Tom's of Maine Deodorant
Tom's of Maine (84% owned by Colgate)
Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
I love the scents of their deodorant, but I need to reapply frequently.
Greenness Rating: 
Greener packaging than most of the alternatives, but products aren't certified organic
A little more expensive than your average (non-organic) deodorant.
Overall Rating: 

I like Tom's of Maine...I really do.  But their deodorant just doesn't cut it for me.  Every few years, I buy a stick of it only to  be disappointed.  Within a few hours, I go from smelling like all-natural honeysuckle rose to smelling like a big ol' stinky armpit.  I like that they are aluminum-free, and their scents don't have that artificial powdery smelling scent like brands such as Secret have.   I also like the other "green" things that Tom's of Maine does.  (read more about it at SuperEco.)

Unfortunately, I rarely use this deodorant.  I have to reapply far too often to make it worthwhile.  It's such a shame because I really love the scents (calendula and honeysuckle rose are my favorites) but it's just a waste for me.  

Sorry, Tom's of Maine...I do like your toothpaste and mouthwash, though!  

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