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Tots Bots Easy Fit Cloth Diapers

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Tots Bots Easy Fit Cloth Diapers
Tots Bots
Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Great diaper after double stuffing with an extra insert
Greenness Rating: 
Eco-friendly fabrics, including bamboo
Runs at about $24 and you'll probably need to buy extra soakers
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tots bots easy fit

We recently got our first Easy Fit Diaper by Tots Bots from  I loved the cute star pattern and how trim it was compared to most of our other cloth diapers.  I also thought that it was very cool that the liner was attached to the diaper, so you just need to stuff it right in.

Unfortunately, within a half hour, my son was absolutely drenched.  It had leaked like crazy.  I thought maybe it was a fluke, but it happened a few more times.  Then I started stuffing it with an extra soaker...and it now works great.   Leaks less than our old BumGeniuses (which are not holding up so well after a year and a half of use, btw) and Smartipants, too.  Even with the extra soaker, it's far less bulky than most cloth diapers.  

As for the extra soakers, we've had luck with BabyKicks Hemparoo and Thirsties.   Even though they work fabulously with the soaker, it has turned out to be an expensive diaper.  The Easy Fit Diaper plus a Thirsties soaker clocks in at over $30.  This makes it our most expensive cloth diaper.  (BumGenius currently runs at about $18, Rumparooz at about $24, and Smartipants at about $15)  

That said, it is holding up well and is definitely worth having one or two in your cloth diaper stash.   If you're pregnant and planning to cloth diaper, consider registering for a few.  

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