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TreeSmart Pencils

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TreeSmart Pencils
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Really great pencils!
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Made from recycled newspaper
Reasonable prices
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eco-friendly pencils from treesmart

With back-to-school time here, replenish your pencil (and colored pencil) supply with eco-friendly pencils made from recycled newspapers!

These reasonably priced pencils look and feel like the "regular" pencils you've used for years, but they're green as can be!

How does it work?

Whole newspaper sheets are rolled around #2 graphite, without mulching or mixing with toxic recycling chemicals.   The pencils are all rolled by hand!   They sharpen just like traditional pencils, and perhaps even better.    

The colored pencils color well, with vibrant colors.  My son likes them way better than his crayons!   

I also have a Treesmart ruler which was made from recycled newspaper and plastic.

If you're all set with school supplies for the year and you're starting some early holiday shopping, the mini colored pencils make an excellent stocking stuffer.  

I have nothing but good things to say about these pencils.  With greenwashing rampant these days, it's refreshing and exciting to find a TRULY eco-friendly product that my entire family can enjoy.  

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