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Recycling Guide

Are Tennis Balls Recyclable?

Are tennis balls recyclable

Yes, tennis balls ARE recyclable.  Although they're not recyclable through curbside programs, there are many companies with innovative products made from used tennis balls. Here are some ideas for recycling, repurposing, or reusing your unwanted tennis balls:... read more


Are Staples Recyclable?

are staples recyclable  

Yes, staples and paper with staples in it ARE both recyclable.... read more

Are Stickers Recyclable?

Are stickers recyclable

No, stickers ARE NOT generally recyclable.

The sticky adhesive ("pressure-sensitive adhesives" or PSA) on stickers gets caught in recycling equipment.  Therefore, stickers and paper with stickers on it should not be thrown in the recycling bin.  Also avoid putting envelopes with sticky address labels on them in the recycling.  The only exception, according to the EPA, is Post-It Sticky Notes which have been engineered to break downs easily during the recycling process.  The laminated paper that stickers come on is also not recyclable, as it contains layers of both plastics and paper.... read more


Are Plastic Bottle Caps Recyclable?

Plastic bottle caps recyclable

Yes, plastic bottle caps ARE recyclable and a growing number of curbside municipal recycling programs are accepting them in their weekly pick-ups. Traditionally city recycling programs and other recycling centers have asked consumers to remove the lids before recycling their soda and water bottles.  Recently, recycling technology has made it easier to recycle caps. Find out if you can throw plastic bottle caps in your recycling bin or find a local drop-off center at read more


Are Old Pillows Recyclable?

are old pillows recyclable

No, old pillows are NOT recyclable, but there are many great reuses for pillows you no longer want on your bed or couch.... read more

  • Make a pet bed (try this super easy no-sew pattern).
  • Use as a cushion when gardening.
  • Restuff old stuffed animals.
  • Keep them in the car. You never know when you will need a pillow!
  • Give them away on Freecycle.
  • Donate them to an animal shelter.

Are Paper Plates Recyclable?

Can you recycle paper plates

In general, paper plates are NOT recyclable, although there are a few exceptions to this rule. If the plate is used, it is definitely not recyclable, as food grease and crumbs cannot be separated from the paper in the recycling process. It is important NOT to recycle paper plates that have been contaminated by food (and other contaminated paper products, such as napkins, paper towels, tissues, food packaging) because it can contaminate an entire batch of recycling.... read more

Is Laminated Paper Recyclable?

Is Laminated Paper Recyclable

No! Laminated paper is NOT recyclable. Therefore, it's important to use laminated paper sparingly and to re-use it as much as possible before discarding it. Paper and plastic cannot be recycled once mixed together because water is used to break down paper and heat is used to break down plastic. (The same thing goes for other mixed papers such as waxed paper and asceptic packaging) Before laminating anything, consider using a plastic sleeve/ sheet protector instead. This way you can take the paper out and recycle it once you are done and you can reuse the plastic sleeve.... read more

Are Markers Recyclable?

Recyle markers

No, unfortunately you CANNOT recycle markers. A growing number of more eco-friendly pens and markers are on the market (such as Papermate's Biodegradeable Pens), but most dead markers end up sitting in landfills across the country.

So what CAN you do with your dried out markers? Here are a few ideas:... read more