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Sacramento Solar – The Cost of Solar Installation in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA is one of the most cost-efficient places to install solar in the country. The long, sunny summers and mild winters in Sacramento produce high volumes of electricity, increasing the speed at which your solar system pays for itself.

Costs vary depending on the panels you use, the condition of your roof and home, and the direction in which sunlight hits your house. However, the out-of-pocket cost for Solar in Sacrament averages around $12k-$16k for a 4-bedroom home – this is after state and federal cash rebates and tax incentives.

After 5-7 years of electricity production, your solar investment usually pays for itself in energy savings. Standard system warrantees are 20-25 years, leaving you with15-20 years of (essentially) free electricity. Your home will increase in value (though you will not be taxed on this value increase).

Worry not if you don't have a spare $15k lying around – look into a state-sponsered solar loan, which offers a very low interest rate to help you finance your solar project. Another option is a solar lease, which requires no money down and a monthly bill which is usually lower than your current energy costs.

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Sacramento Solar Companies

Sacramento Solar

15663 Village Drive

Victorville, California 92394


Aztec Solar

11370 Trade Center Drive, Suite 3

Rancho Cordova, California 95742


Solar-E-City Electric - ask for Erika!!

4095 Del Mar Ave. #3

Rocklin, CA 95677


Solar Roofs - Ask for Mark B.!!

5840 Gibbons Drive

Carmichael, CA 95608


Granite Bay Energy

1800 Vernon Street, Suite 1

Roseville, CA 95678


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