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San Francisco-based SunRun and Sierra Club Join Forces to Expand Rooftop Solar in California

SunRun California Solar

San Francisco, California based SunRun is well known as one of the leaders in home solar installation and solar panel production.  They announced today a partnership with the Sierra Club, America's largest grassroots environmental organization, to bring affordable solar to thousands of Southern California homes. The partnership kicks off the start of summer and helps families save money by taking control of their energy costs.

"This is a high priority for the Sierra Club. In order to end our dependence on dirty energy, we need as many homes as possible to switch to rooftop solar, and by making solar easy and affordable, SunRun is helping end our dependence on dirty, polluting energy like coal," said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. "We are urging all of our Southern California supporters to sign up for solar with SunRun. Every home that goes solar gets us one step closer to our goal of a clean energy economy."

SunRun owns, installs, and maintains home solar panels so families don't have to pay $30,000 or more for them. Instead the homeowner locks in a set rate for energy per month. Most of the time this is lower than your monthly utility bill, saving you hundreds in energy costs over the course of the year.   SunRun has pledged to give $50 to the nonprofit for every Sierra Club supporter who signs up for a free solar evaluation, plus $1,000 for every member who goes solar with SunRun.

"The greatest challenge with home solar right now is not enough families realize it's affordable," said SunRun President and Co-founder Lynn Jurich. "The Sierra Club is helping us get the word out, and we get to help their members have a relationship with electricity they never thought was possible. Finally, they can feel good about the way they power their homes."

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