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San Francisco Solar Facts

San Francisco residents are installing solar panels and other solar technologies (such as solar thermal water heaters) at a rapid pace - faster than most anywhere in the country.  This makes sense considering San Francisco's progressive history and strong influence in the environmental movement. Check out the San Francisco Solar Facts below and the nifty solar map. The yellow, white, and blue dots on the map below illustrate all of the solar producers in the city - residential, business, and government (from

SAn Francisco Solar Statistics

San Francisco Solar Facts:

- To date, 3,403 solar systems have been installed in San Francisco (we still have a long way to go until we hit the 10,000 system goal)

- Those solar panel systems produce and estimated 17,437 megawatts per year

- This leads to an estimated CO2 emission reduction of 6,132 tons (wow)

- Community Solar Programs are active in the San Francisco Community, which allows groups of neighbors to pool together to save money.  1 Block off the Grid offers 15% group discounts.

- In San Francisco your property taxes cannot (by law) go up a dime when you install solar panels

- San Francisco has passed recent regulations that require PG&E to pay you for the extra solar power you produce

- San Francisco's "Go Solar SF" Programs offers financial rebate incentives in addition to federal and state tax rebates.  This saves you an extra $2,000 for your installation.

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