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Solar Installers: San Francisco CA

Solar Installers San  Francisco CA

Once you have decided to go solar, the next obvious step is to choose a solar installer. There are near 100 Solar Installers listed on Yelp in San Francisco – it is totally overwhelming.

I have done some research by talking to customers around the city and pulling together reviews – see our list below for the top 5 KeenForGreen approved Solar Installers in the San Francisco area.

While you call around for quotes you can start to plan you project:

Examine your home.  It doesn't make sense to put in solar panels if you don't get much sun. In order to be economically effective you must receive southward sunlight at least part of the day. Sun from the south is best, sun from the north is worst. Sun from the west and east will do the job, just less efficiently than south.

One solar panel is usually 1 kilowatt in size and measures 100 square feet. Some solar installers won't install unless you have at least 300 square feet of roof space for a 3kW system. Financially it probably won't make sense for you either if you can't do one that big. Keep in mind that you can also do a “ground mount” if you have a lot of yard space that gets good sunlight.

The cost. I recommend shopping around to get a number of quotes. The out-of-pocket cost for Solar in San Jose on the average 4-bedroom home (3-5kW system) ranges from $12k-$16k – this is after state and federal cash rebates and tax incentives.

Choosing a system. The average 2000 square foot home uses 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. A 4 kilowatt system (about 400 square feet of panels) will produce about 7,200 kilowatt-hours per year, covering about 75% of the total usage.

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Top 5 Solar Installers in San Francisco CA:

Albian Power Corporation

Sunburst Solar


SunRun Solar

Sunlight Electric, LLC


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